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  • Library Membership and Loan Policies as of June 1 2010

Library Membership and Loan Policies as of June 1 2010

Library Membership and Loan Policies 2022


 Each eligible library patron shall provide the Library with a current valid New Jersey Driver’s license or a photo ID and one of the following:  recent computer statement from a major credit card company or local utility (gas, electric, cable etc.); a recent bank statement; a voter’s registration (a second form of ID is required); a current tax bill (non-resident property owners) or signed lease agreement.

Each member of each household is entitled to membership.  The signature of a parent or guardian is required if the applicant is under 18 years of age, except for legally emancipated minors.

Each patron shall be responsible for all use made of his/her card. If the card is lost or stolen, the patron is responsible for all charges against it until the loss is reported. Each patron is responsible for informing the Library of changes in his/her address.

Once you have been issued a WPL card, be sure to bring it with you when you visit the library.  A current photo ID is also acceptable for checkout.

Library Card Fees

Willingboro Residents                                                         Free

Active Duty and Retired Military                                          One Year Free

RCBS Students & those employed in Willingboro                  One Year Free

Non-resident Seniors: One year membership (age 55+)      $10.00

Non-resident Membership Special One year membership    $35.00

Non-resident 3 month Trial Card Membership                     $10.00      

Library Card Replacement Costs

First Replacement                                                                 Free

2nd Replacement Adult         and Juvenile                             $ 1.00


For security/privacy of your personal records on the Public Access Catalog, you can choose a 4 digit PIN Number. The PIN Number is another way of insuring the confidentiality of your records.  Please ask at the Circulation Desk if you need assistance.

Special Teacher Cards

ALL educators who teach in schools in Willingboro Township are entitled to a second WPL card, which will permit additional Juvenile, young adult materials and educational videos to be borrowed for classroom use. These cards will not affect the use of their personal membership card.

The borrowing limit is 30 items and the lending period for each item is 6 weeks, except for audio-visual materials.

Homeschool instructors will be given the same borrowing privileges as township teachers.  A Tri-County Home Educators Membership Card or registration with the Township Board of Education is necessary.  Teacher card must be renewed yearly.


Maximum number of items that can be checked out during a visit per customer:  30

Maximum number of items on a Trial Card any combination:                                 7

Maximum number of overdue notices before summons:                                         3

                1st Notice is a Reminder

                2nd Notice is a Warning

                3rd Notice is the Final Notice followed by Certified Letter & Court Summons.

                       A $50.00 processing fee with be added to summons at writing.


Audio Visual Materials will circulate as follows:


 Lending periods are:                      7  days for both fiction and non-fiction titles


Limited to a total of:                        20 titles for Adult card any combination

                                                          5  Juvenile titles on Juvenile card

                                                          2   titles per trial card any combination


Lending periods are:                      7 days for both fiction and non-fiction titles

Limited to a total of:                        Unlimited


Lending periods are:                       14 day

KINDLES                                          14 days

CHROMEBOOKS                               2 hours

Museum Pass                                  7 days

Hotspots                                         7 days

All books                                        21 days

Overdue Fines

          KINDLES                                                   $   2.00 per day

          Chromebooks                                           $     .50 per hour

          Hotspots                                                    $   5.00 per day 25.00 max per item

          Museum Pass                                          $   1.00 per day

          Interlibrary Loan Books/CDs/ACs           $     .50 per item per day

          DVDs                                                      $   1.00 per item per day

          VHS                                                         $     .50 per item per day

          Adult Books/CD/ACDs                             $     .20 per item per day

          Senior/YA Items                                      $     .10 per item per day

                                                                          $ 10.00 maximum per item

           Juvenile Items                                         $     .10 per item per day

                                                                         $   5.00 maximum per item

           DVDs                                                      $   1.00 per item per day

           VHS                                                         $   .5 - .15 per item per day

                                                                          $ 12.00 maximum per item


Maximum Allowed Amount of unpaid fines                       $20.00

Customers with fines reaching the maximum $20 fine will have borrowing privileges suspended until they are brought below $20.00.

Materials Replacement Cost

Full cost of item, if available, or item type cost average.

Items with no cost available are charged by item type cost average as follows:


Hardcover                                                                    $ 25.00

Paperback                                                                    $   8.00

VHS / DVD                                                                   $ 25.00

Audio Cassette                                                            $ 15.00

Hotspot                                                                       $ 53.00

CD                                                                               $ 20.00

Kindle                                                                          $155.00

Chromebook                                                                $150.00


Hardcover                                                                    $ 25.00

Paperback                                                                    $   5.00


Hardcover                                                                    $ 25.00

Paperback                                                                    $  8.00

VHS                                                                             $ 25.00

Audio Cassette                                                            $ 15.00

DVD                                                                             $ 25.00

CD                                                                               $ 20.00

DVD Cases                                                                  $ 10.00

Processing Fee for lost materials per item                   $   3.00

Public Fax 609-877-6250

$1.50 per page domestic

$2.00 per page international

Free Scanning at Information Desk


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