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    If / Hope in the Storm
    A timely poem by Alma Day
    Let the cities, the towns, the hamlets hear
    The descendants of Shem, Japeth and Ham
    Or hang in there.
    If you arose this morning with issues in your brain
    If yesterday's stressful stuff still remains
    If stinking thinking is still mumbling its refrain
    I sing you a song of mental wellness as soft as the summer's rain
    If sunshine only makes you sweat
    If raindrops only leave you wet
    If wind only makes your hair a mess
    I whisper calm to your fretfulness
    If folks you meet only get on your nerve
    If food you eat's not worthy to be serve
    If games you play only pitch you curves
    I chant you peace like soft clouds when unfurls
    If daily activities give you stress
    If dark sable nights offer no rest
    If Gideon's balm only rolls off your chest
    I still declare that you are blessed
    But for the fact on this morn you drew breath
    A new beginning - not buried in death
    My song, my whisper, my chant, my declaration
    Asks for you another chance for restoration
    Be Blessed. 
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