Local History Collection

Local History Room Finding Aid

The Willingboro, New Jersey Local History Collection

In Memory of Rev. Dr. Efiong S. Utuk

Arranged and Described By Leah Gass, Linda Cope, David Koch, and Jessica Piper

Last modified January 3, 2019 – Linda Cope


  • The Willingboro Public Library serves as the primary repository for the Willingboro Local History Collection. The major emphasis of the Local History Collection is historical and current information about the Township of Willingboro, New Jersey. Subject areas include early settlers, recent immigrants, ethnic groups, development by Levitt & Sons, business, work, prominent individuals and events. Township government, local individuals, groups and organizations, and the Willingboro Public Library all are responsible for generating materials included in the collection.

    Extent: Approximately 20 cubic feet. It is important to note that this collection will continue to grow as more materials are generated in the months and years to come.

    Access: The purpose of the Willingboro Local History Collection is to preserve materials that document the history of Willingboro, and to make these materials available to researchers and the general public. The library holds these materials in trust for future generations and therefore, for preservation reasons, materials can only be used in the library.

    Tour of the collection may be arranged by appointment. Patrons will not be directly allowed into the Rev. Dr. Efiong S. Utuk Local History Room except when accompanied by library staff. Patrons must therefore make their request of local history materials known at the Reference Desk. Patrons must conduct research in a designated area. Loose-leaf paper and pencils are the only items the researcher may have out when archival items are being viewed. Photocopies may be made with the consent of the library staff.

    Every Researcher will be required to fill out a search record form that will be used to document the types of materials being used, and to notify the patron if any additional information is found on their subject of research.

    This finding aid is available both digitally and on paper. To search this document digitally for a word, type the “Control” and “F” keys simultaneously and then enter the word into the search box.

    Suggested Citation: Willingboro Public Library, Willingboro, New Jersey Local History Collection

    We would like to thank all individuals and groups who donated local history materials to us!








                The following chronology of the important dates in the history of Willingboro Township is partly borrowed from Before Levitt: The Story of Willingboro Township by Dr. Henry Bisbee.

    1677    Natives “sell” land to Quaker Commissions. Willingboro part of Second (London) Tenth. Arrival of Kent and Quaker settlers at Burlington. Assisted by King Ockanikon and other Natives.

    1680    500 acres donated to Dr. Daniel Wills now Centerton-Rancocas Rd. Grist Mill built. Cemetery built.

    1682    Thomas Olive becomes 1st settler in township.

    1684    Olive appointed Deputy Governor of West Jersey.

    1688    Constablry of Wellingborow established.

    1694    Idea of tenths abandoned. Burlington County was formed from the 1st and 2nd tenths.

    1703    Meetinghouse erected north of cemetery. School started on Indian Spring.

    1720    John Woolman born on Borton tract along Rancocas Creek.

    1770    Sir William Franklin, last Royal Governor, establishes a summer mansion and Deer Park in Willingboro.

    1772    Brick Meetinghouse built on Wills tract (present day Rancocas Village). John Woolman dies in England.

    1773    Frame School built west of Meetinghouse.

    1776    American and British forces pass through township without engagements occurring.

    1798    Township receives new charter from the state of New Jersey.

    1808    93 votes cast in local election.

    1810    Schoolmaster’s house built at west end of village for John Gummere, who later helped to found Haverford College.

    1812    96 votes cast in local election.

    1822    Present brick school house built to replace frame school.

    1823    1st steam boat on Rancocas.

    1830    Pop. 782, 160 taxable, 50 households, 28 single men, 1 grist mill, 269 meat cattle, 176 horses and mules. Paid state tax $109.38, county tax $381.93, township $400.

    1834    Camden and Amboy railroad lays track through township.

    1838    1st post office established.

    1844    Population 900. 4 stores, 2 schools, 73 scholars.

    1859    Township splits. Land south of present Rt. 130 keeps name Willingboro.

    1860    Population 643.

    1880    Population 743.

    1920    Population 703.

    1954    William H. Levitt and Sons acquire land in township.

    1955    Extensive test borings made on land.

    1958    Municipal building opens. 1st family moves in new Levittown Houses. Somerset Park School opens.

    1959    Buckingham Park School Opens. Residents vote to change name to Levittown by 80 vote margin. New shopping center opens.

    1960    Pennypacker School, Millbrook Park School and Willingboro Jr. &Sr. High Schools open. Pop. 11,861.

    1962    Voters adopt Council-Manager form of government. Hawthorne Park and Windsor Park Schools open.

    1963    Referendum changes the name back to Willingboro. Voters approve fluoridation of the water supply.

    1964    Municipal building burns down. Winsor Park School becomes Country Club Ridge School.

    1965   John F. Kennedy High School opens.

    1966    Garfield park North School and Willingboro memorial Jr. H. S. open.

    1968    New municipal building (including new municipal library) opens.

    1969    Broido Park, Garfield Park East, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. H. S. open.

    1970    Pop. 43, 386

    1971    Fairmount Park, Twin Hill Schools open.

    1972    Pop. 46,000.

    1973    Village Mall East, East Ridge Shopping Center open. Jaycees! Building opens. Township seal designed by Peggy Shrink. Statesmen Park created making 14 total residential Parks. Levitt &Co. leave township.

    1975    Willingboro H. S. opens.

    1978    Alternate School opens.

    1988    Township Tercentennial celebrated.

    2001    New Town Center project approved on Rt. 130 Plaza. Dorothea Campbell Senior Housing opens.

    2003    New Willingboro Public Library and Amphitheater open in the Town Center.


    2005    Gateway housing project approved.


    2006    Tenants begin occupying Willingboro’s first apartments, Willingboro Square.



    Dates: 1809- present.

    Bulk Dates: 1960-present.

    The Willingboro Local History Collection is particularly rich in areas which document the social history of Willingboro Township. Primary sources date from approximately 1880 to the present. Secondary sources represent the history of Willingboro dating back to the Colonial era.

    The collection consists of a variety of formats including, but not limited to: books, manuscripts, pamphlets, correspondence, photographs, maps, meeting minutes, reports, scrapbooks, personal papers, ephemera, floor plans, newspaper clippings, programs, leaflets, press releases, journals, registers, plaques and audio-visual materials including microfilm and oral histories.

    Many researchers have undertaken past projects dealing with the history and demographics of Willingboro Township and these projects have resulted in extensive books, manuscripts and pamphlets represented in the Local History Collection.(Most Books in the Local History Collection are also cataloged and available by searching the Library’s catalog online.)

    Township government is represented in mostly non-official municipal records, such as periodicals, recreational programs, schools, development projects, housing, land acquisition, copies of resolutions, newspaper clippings, and census information.

    The history of local civic groups, clubs and organizations is also well represented in terms of scrapbooks, photo albums, community guides, newspaper clippings, and leaflets.

    A biographical file of prominent local individuals includes athletes, artists, activists, former mayors and other notable community members.

    The Local History Collection also contains some material on the history and folklore of Burlington County and the state of New Jersey.




                The Willingboro Local History Collection is constantly growing as more materials are added, and for this reason it was deemed necessary not to number the folders in each box. The container list to follow indicates each item’s intellectual and physical location within the collection. To help elucidate the location of an item, different type was used.


    Underlined denotes a sub series beneath the main series.

    Bold indicates the physical location of the material.


    Sub series are listed alphabetically, while item level material in each folder within that sub series is chronological from oldest to newest (with the exception of Publications, which are listed by author’s last name). Here is an example:


    Willingboro Town Materials Box 1:


    Annual Reports

    • Willingboro Township Annual Reports. 1962-63, 1964.
    • Willingboro Township Annual Reports. 1965, 1966.
    • Willingboro Township Annual Report. 1967.
    • Willingboro Township Annual Report. 1968.
    • Willingboro Township Annual Report. 1969.
    • Willingboro Township Annual Report. 1984.
    • Willingboro Township Annual Report. 1989.


    Note on the physical locations of unboxed items:

    *All framed items, large items and plaques are either on display or located in cabinets.

    *All photo albums, portfolios and scrapbooks are housed in cabinets.

    * Maps are generally located in the map case, by shelf.








                1886 - present. Approximately 20 cubic feet.

    This largest series is comprised of materials documenting the history of Willingboro including: community annual reports, materials pertaining to land development, education related materials such as PTA meeting minutes, materials documenting Township elections, the environment, collected ephemera such as flags and baseballs, materials about the Fire Department, government materials such as copies of council resolutions, Heritage Commission records, Township history related materials, materials documenting housing and Levitt, Land acquisition, local maps, newspaper clippings pertaining to the Township, pamphlets and periodicals about Willingboro, photographs from local events, material about the Police Department, publications and manuscripts written by researchers about the History of Willingboro, recreation related materials documenting parades and events, and materials about Willingboro’s sister cities, Levittown, PA, Levittown, NY, and Wellingboro, England.


                1934 - present. Approximately 1 cubic foot.


    This series is comprised of materials documenting the history and folklore Burlington County and the Colonial province, West Jersey. Materials include history related materials, leaflets and brochures, pamphlets, periodicals, and publications / manuscripts.


                1765 - present. Approximately 1 cubic foot.

    Documents the History of the New Jersey colony to present day, with local emphasis. Materials include ephemera, history related items such as museum brochures, leaflets and brochures, pamphlets and periodicals as well as publications / manuscripts, including a facsimile of one dating from 1765.


                1960 - present. Approximately 2 cubic feet.

    Records of local organizations including Alpha Kappa Alpha, Art Alliance, Clergy Associations, Environmental Concern, Federated Women’s Club, Greater Willingboro Association, Historical Society, International Festival, Jaycees, Kinsmen, Lions, Club, Millbrook Park Civic Association, Rotary Club, St. Luke’s Church, Windsor Park Association, and Zeta Phi Beta.



                1961 - present. .5 cubic feet.

    Biographical file of clipped articles, photographs, obituaries and other information about various prominent local athletes such as Carl Lewis, artists such as Susan Michael Kendall, Civil Rights activists such as the Chaney family, religious leaders, politicians, businessmen, scholars, veterans and other local personalities. [See also Audio-visual materials for oral histories].


                1958 - present. Approximately 2 cubic feet.




                1809 - present. Approximately 2 cubic feet.

    Includes materials on VHS, audio cassette, microfilm and reel to reel tape. Includes recordings of sporting events, library events, oral histories by town residents, and microfilm of old local periodicals, and Township Meeting Books dating back to 1809.


                1964 - present.

    Awards, plaques and artwork from local artists, groups, and organizations including Willingboro Emergency Squad, The American Legion, and many others on display in the Rev. Dr. Effiong S. Utuk Local History room.



    Vertical Boxes with hinged lids


    Willingboro Town Materials Box 1:


    Annual Reports

    • Willingboro Township Annual Reports. 1962-63, 1964.
    • Willingboro Township Annual Reports. 1965, 1966.
    • Willingboro Township Annual Report. 1967.
    • Willingboro Township Annual Report. 1968.
    • Willingboro Township Annual Report. 1969.
    • Willingboro Township Annual Report. 1989.


    *Please search Willingboro Library catalog or browse the shelves of the Local History Room for specific titles.


    -       Newspaper advertisements. 1958-9.


    Willingboro Sales Brochures Box:

    -     Levitt and Sons. Levittown New Jersey. Levittown, New Jersey: By author, circa 1958. (6 copies: 4 from 1958; 1 from 1960; 1 from 1962)

    -        Levitt and Sons. The Country Clubber. Levittown, New Jersey: By author, early 1960s.

    -        Levitt and Sons. Levittown New Jersey: Homeowners Guide, By author, 1963.

    -        Levitt and Sons. Garfield Park.Willingboro, New Jersey: By author, 1965.

    -        Levitt and Sons. Country Club Ridge .Willingboro, New Jersey: By author, 1966.

    -        Levitt and Sons. Annual Report for the Year Ended February 28, 1967.

    -       Levitt and Sons. Garfield Park East. Willingboro, New Jersey: By author, 1967. (2 copies)

    -        Levitt and Sons. Garfield Park North. Willingboro, New Jersey: By author, 1967.

    -        Levitt and Sons. Rittenhouse Park: A New Community of Colonial Town   Homes by Levitt and Sons. Willingboro, New Jersey: By author, 1967.



    Willingboro Town Materials Box 1:(Cont)


                -   Willingboro Township Budget. 2008.


    -       Shop ‘n’ Bag. Flyers. January-April 1978

    -         Willingboro Grand Marketplace. Ribbon cutting ceremony for opening of                                     International Food Court. 6/2/2007.

    Community Information Guide [Newsletter]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                -     2003, 2007.


    • Abraham and Susanna Stockton to William Stockton. 1796. (WALL)
    • Fred and Rose Espenschied and Ferdinand and Theresa Feyhl to Adolph G. and Madeline E. Rapp. 8/20/1952.
    • Florence M. McMenamin to Olympia Park Realty Co., Inc. 9/10/1955.
    • Cosimo and Angelina Ciarlante to Harry Logan and Ida Taylor. 10/10/1955.
    • Florence M. McMenamin to Esso Standard Oil Company. 12/30/1955.
    • Delpha Haering to Emily B. Stone. 1/12/1956.
    • Alexander and Syble G. Denbo to Lester and Elizabeth Shinn. 1/16/1956.
    • Emily B. Stone to Beatrice D. Hawn. 1/27/1956.
    • Francis P. and Margaret E. D’Autrechy to Edwin C. Roberts. 2/2/1956.
    • Theresa Feyhl to Theresa Feyhl and Rose Espenscheid. 2/24/1956.
    • Rose Espenscheid to Theresa Feyhl. 2/24/1956.
    • Robert E. and Eleanor M. Blunt to William L. and Joan E. Daniels. 3/16/1956.
    • John V. Roslund and Rubie M. Roslund to Henry Paul Franklin, Jr. 3/21/1956.
    • Martha Nass to F. Alberta Nass. 4/26/1956.
    • Michael and Sophie Windstein to John A. Pippitt and Clayton C. Cameron. 5/5/1956
    • John A. and Delores Pippett and Clayton C. Cameron to John H. Pancoast. 5/23/1956.
    • Reeves DeCamp and Rachel H. Borden to Emily B. Van Sciver. 5/31/1956.
    • Mary Santino, executor for Theresa De Luca, to Augustus Lowther and Daisy Lowther. 6/11/1956.
    • Connie Guarino and Andrew Guarino, and Anna Quirolo and David Quirolo to Augustus Lowther and Daisy Lowther. 6/11/1956.
    • Frank X. Schenk to Rose Espenschied. 6/21/1956.
    • Carrie E. Kent to Marie Buzzelli. 7/13/1956.
    • Edward F. Poole and Elizabeth A. Poole to Philip G. Hoffman and Eleanor P. Hoffman. 7/14/1956.
    • Emily A. Fenton to Emma Fenton. 7/23/1956.
    • Levitt and Sons, Incorporated to New Jersey Bell Telephone Company. 9/1/1956.
    • F. Alberta Nass to Joseph Hibbs and Kathryn Hibbs. 8/2/1956.
    • Richard Staaf and Borghild Staaf to Charles E. Moser. 8/4/1956.
    • Harry L.Taylor and Ida Taylor to Ida Taylor. 9/26/1956.
    • Michael Miragliuolo to Leonard Miragliuolo. 11/2/1956.
    • Eva Katherine Von Sterktem to Frederick E. Rein. 11/21/1956.
    • Edgar M. Purdy and Mildred Purdy to Harry E. Luebbers and Doris G. Luebbers. 12/14/1956.
    • Percy Allen Ransome, Jr. and Martha E. Ransome to The Trustees of the Presbytery of Monmouth. 12/26/1956.
    • Beatrice D. Hawn to John H. Pancoast. 6/4/1956.
    • Robert E. and Eleanor M. Blunt to Harry V. Shoop. 7/19/1956.
    • Margaret E. and Francis D’Autrechy to Winifred O. Chambers. 8/31/1956.
    • Alexander Denbo and Syble G. Denbo to Jeremiah Quigley and Margaret M. Quigley. 1/7/1957.
    • Fidelity Philadelphia Trust Company of Philadelphia to Stephen J. Rammer and Goldie M. Rammer. 1/10/1957.
    • Emily B. Van Sciver to Herbert Van Sciver and Charles Van Sciver, Partners Trading as Van Sciver Bros. 1/19/1957.
    • Emily B. Van Sciver to Charles and Loretta Joyce Van Sciver. 1/19/1957.
    • Emily B. Van Sciver to Herbert Van Sciver and Alice Virginia Van Sciver. 1/19/1957.
    • James A. Sutton and Florence M. McMenamin to Adolph G. Raff and Madeline E. Raff. 2/11/1957.
    • Alexander and Syble G. Denbo to Levittown Supply Corporation. 2/20/1957.
    • Florence M. McMenamin to Levittown Supply Corporation. 2/20/1957.
    • Arthur W. and Anna Boyce to Frederick H. and Marion E. Vogel. 3/12/1957.
    • Georgine W. and Morris W. Dudley to Rosalie H. Dries. 3/15/1957.
    • Georgine W. Wright and Morris W. Dudley to Rosalie H. Dries. 3/15/1957.
    • Rosalie H. and Robert A. Dries to Georgine W. and Morris W. Dudley. 3/15/1957.
    • Frank X. and Hildegarde M. Schenk to Rose Espenschied. 4/2/1957.
    • George G. and Mary A. Martin to Herbert F. and Maude E. Karlberg. 4/3/1957.
    • Herbert F. Karlberg and Maude E. Karlberg to Armond F. Tomassetti and Erma E. Tomassetti. 4/3/1957.
    • George G. Martin and Mary A. Martin to Armond F. Tomassetti and Erma E. Tomassetti. 4/3/1957.
    • Martin F. and Margaret M. Guckavan to Eric and Doris M. Brazington. 7/24/1957.
    • John H. and Jane K. Pancoast to John H. and Jane K. Pancoast. 10/11/1957.
    • Howard B. and Anne Borel to Howard Borel and Raymond Borel. 10/18/1957.
    • Emerson Harry and Elfrede K. Reitinger to Emerson Harry and Elfrede K. Reitinger. 11/29/1957.
    • Walter Ivins and Lelia Pearl Smith to Riverside Trust Company. 12/17/1957.
    • Edwin C. Roberts and Albertine Roberts to Harriett Kirby. 12/27/1957.
    • Edith Pleasonton Baker to James R. Cook and Mary Jane Cook. 3/7/1958.
    • S. Doris and Charles A. Millinghausen to Cameron M. Charles. 4/1/1958.
    • Jane K. Pancoast to Charles M. Cameron. 4/3/1958.
    • Frederick Espenschied to Rose Espenschied. 5/23/1958.
    • Clarence B. and Sadie E. Grovatt to Morton G and Jeanne Coopersmith. 5/29/1958.
    • Levitt and Sons, Incorporated to Public Service Electric and Gas Company. 7/28/1958.
    • Royston D. and Ruth N. Engle to Malcolm E. and Anne L. Kennedy. 8/18/1958.
    • Levitt and Sons, Incorporated to Trustees of the - Property of the Diocese of New Jersey. 9/8/1958.
    • H. Ruth VanSciver to Leroy E. Zettel. 10/10/1958.
    • Clarence B. and Sadie E. Grovatt to Leroy E. Zettel. 10/10/1958.
    • E. Leroy and Barbara L. Zettel to American Stores Co. 10/10/1958.
    • Anthony and Anna Cannuli to Fellowship of Baptists for Home Missions. 10/17/1958.


    • Construction of Buckeye Lane. Photographs. 1959.
    • Princeton Lane photograph. 1959.
    • Construction of Barrett house, Hastings Lane. Photographs. 1962.
    • Levittown Township Planning board. Meeting Minutes. 1963.
    • Supplemental Facts Sheets to the Development Plan Summary Report for Willingboro Township. Herbert H. Smith Associates. 12/1964.


    Annual Reports of the Town Planning Board Box:

    • Annual Reports. 1964-1979.


    Willingboro Town Materials Box 1: (Cont.)

    • Construction of Country Club Ridge. Photographs. 1966.
    • Development Plan Maps, Township Planning Board. 1968. [see also maps].
    • An Examination of the Development Plan for Southwest Willingboro. Herbert H. Smith Associates. 11/1968.
    • Memorandum, Township Planning Board. Southwest Willingboro Report. 2/24/1969.
    • Revised Master Plan, Willingboro. 1979.
    • Town Ordinance 1998-04. Redevelopment. 1997.
    • Willingboro Town Center Information. Floor plans and publicity. 1998-2000.
    • Township of Willingboro Redevelopment Plan No. 63. Township Council. 4/1998.
    • Kennedy Center Expansion. Costs, floor plans. 11/1999.

             -     Willingboro Amphitheater Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Program. 8/10/2003.

             -     Route 130 Corridor Development Discussion. 9/18/2003.

    • Willingboro Square Apartments. Floor plans and publicity. 2004-2007.
    • Willingboro Marketing Campaign Party. Publicity. 5/22/2004.
    • Sears Building Development. Grubb & Ellis. Plans and demographic information. 2005.
    • Willingboro Town Center. Photographs - CD. November 2006.



    PTA Monthly Journal Box:

    • PTA Monthly Journal. 1917-1928.
    • PTA Monthly Journal. 1928-1933.
    • PTA Monthly Journal. 1934-1940.
    • PTA Monthly Journal. 1940-1945.
    • PTA Monthly Journal. 1945-1954.
    • PTA Monthly Journal. 1954-1959.

                -     Willingboro PTA publicity scrapbook.1947-1948. (CABINET)

                -     Willingboro PTA publicity scrapbook.1948-1949.(CABINET)

                -     Willingboro PTA publicity scrapbook.1949-1950.(CABINET)

                -     Levittown Scholarship Ball Scrapbook. 5/4/1963. (CABINET)


    Publications Box 2:

                -     “Our Community Willingboro Township Yesterday and Today”Scrapbook.1955-6. Photos of houses.           


    Willingboro Town Materials Box 1: (Cont.)

                -     Somerset Park Enrollment Forms. 1958.

                -     Somerset Park School graduating class photograph. 1959.

                -     Somerset and Buckingham schools PTA calendars. 1959-60.

                -     School Safety Patrol Award of Merit. Pennypacker Park. Early 1960s.

                -     Somerset Park School Program. 1961-2.

                -     Somerset Park School Class Picture. 1962.

                -     PTA, Pennypacker. Letter about abduction of David Wulff. 6/5/1964.

    -     Levittown High School. The Rocket. 8pp, December 6, 1963, Vol. IV, No. 1. (copy)

    -   PTA Scholarship Ball Scrapbook. 1963 (CABINET)

    -   PTA Scholarship Ball. Programs. 1964-1967.

    -     PTA, large box of Stuart School meeting minutes and newspaper clippings. 1965-1966 (CABINET)

    • PTA Scholarship Ball. Newspaper clippings. 1965-1966.
    • PTA Scholarship Ball. Documents. 1965-1968.

    -     J. F. Kennedy High School. Student Handbook. 1966-1967.

    • Willingboro PTA Scholarship Committee record book. 1968-1978. (CABINET)
    • Dedication programs. High School, Jr. High School, Martin Luther King Elementary. 1968-1975.
    • Student Activities leaflets and programs. 1969-2007.
    • Willingboro PTA’s Scholarship Ball scrapbook. 1970. (CABINET)
    • PTA’s Helping Hands. Documents. 1971-1972.
    • Willingboro School Board President’s Report. 1972-1973.
    • School board newsletters. 10/1975 & 4/1990.
    • Abraham Levitt Jr. High Newsletters. 1975-1976.
    • Willingboro PTA’s Scholarship Ball and Telethon scrapbook. 1975-1976. (CABINET)
    • NJ State Legislature review of Willingboro schools. 7/1976.
    • Willingboro Education Association. Leaflets concerning strike. 1977. [see also newspaper clippings, labor].
    • JFK Journal. May, 1979.
    • Superintendent’s Awards Dinner Programs. 1980-1983.
    • Miscellaneous notes and School Board leaflets. 1984-2006.
    • Board of Education. Local Government Review. 1995.
    • Superintendent Kittrell’s Remarks. January 2003.
    • John Fitzgerald Kennedy High School, floor plan. N.d.
    • PTA. Newspaper clippings. Various dates.


    Willingboro Spirit Box:

    • Willingboro Spirit. School District Newsletter. 2003-2005 [with gaps].

    Willingboro Education Association Box:

    • WEA Reports. 1970-1975.

    Old School House Box:

                -   Historic print of students in front of Old Schoolhouse. n.d.

                - Information and floor plans. Various dates.

                -   Laminated photographs. Various dates

                            First Bus Transportation, around 1920

                            Inside of school house, Christmas 1925

                            Outside photograph, circa 1900.

                            Outside photograph with J. Cresswell Stuart, 1910

                -   Lunch Pail James Cresswell Stuart brought to the School House 1908-1912.

                -   Newspaper clippings. Various dates.

    -   Preliminary Inspection Report. Clyde Zarkos. N.d.

                -   Oil Can. c.a. 1900. (VERTICAL CASE)

    -   School House Bell. Circa 1900. (VERTICAL CASE)

                -   Photographs

                            Classroom picture. c.a. 1900. (VERTICAL CASE)

                            Classroom picture. ca. 1910. (VERTICAL CASE)

                            The Consolidated School. 1921, 1930.

    Class picture. 1923, 1944.

                            School house interior shot. 1925. (VERTICAL CASE)

                            Interior. 1999.

                -   Pictures of damage to schoolhouse. September 2007.

    -   National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form, Old School House Town House. 1973?

    -   Press release. 1979.

    Willingboro Town Materials Box 1: (Cont.)


    • General Register of Voters. 1904.
    • General Register of Voters. 1905.
    • Election Certificates. 1964.

    -     Campaigns for Township Council. 1967 & 1969.-Scrapbook.(CABINET)


    Emergency Squad

    • Levittown Emergency Squad member pins. Early ‘60s. (VERTICAL CASE)
    • Levittown Emergency Squad donation sticker. 1962.
    • Willingboro Emergency Squad member pins. N.d. (VERTICAL CASE)





    Willingboro Town Materials Box 1: (Cont.)


    • The Trees of Willingboro. The Shade Tree Committee, Willingboro     Township. 7/28/1971.

             -     Open Space Survey.Township of Willingboro, 1973.

    • Willingboro Homeowner’s Guide to Beautiful Shrubbery. The Shade Tree Committee, Willingboro Township. 11/1974.
    • Natural Resources Inventory.Willingboro Environmental Commission. 1979.
    • Memorial/ Commemorative Tree Program. Flyers. 4-6/1995.
    • Willingboro Township. Environmental Commission. Minutes and Agendas. Black Loose-leaf Notebook. 9/2000-2/2006.
    • Willingboro Township. Environmental Commission. [Conservation Commission 12/1970] Scrapbook: Olympia Lakes/Willingboro Lakes Nature Preserve. Newspaper articles, 1942 deed, photos, memorabilia.


    • Levittown-Philadelphia Bus Schedule. 1958.
    • Dedication of the Levittown Post Office. Program. 11/7/1959.
    • Levitt & Sons luggage tag. Late ‘50s.
    • Sunset Pharmacy Bag. Late ‘50s.
    • Bank of Levittown money bag. c.a. 1960 (VERTICAL CASE)
    • Levitt and Sons. Postcards of Garfield park homes. c.a. 1960.

    -     Framed Political Cartoon. Township Council/ gas stations. c.a. 1962.

    -     Artist rendering of Willingboro Municipal Complex. Mid ‘60s. (WALL)

    -     Dedication of the Municipal Complex. Program. 11/8/1967.

    -     Letter Opener for Willingboro’s 10th Birthday. 10/68 (CABINET)

    -     Little League Championship signed baseball. 10/16/1971. (VERTICAL CASE)

    -     Bi-Centennial celebration. Bumper stickers, Pageant ticket. 1976.

    -     Little Red School House Re- Dedication Ceremony commemorative plates.                2 plates. One framed with plaque, Heritage Commission. 5/15/1979. (one in            CABINET)     (one on WALL)

    • Tri-Centennial seal. Designed by Peg Shisk. Embroidery graph and stickers.           1988.
    • The Willingboro Township Game. 1989. (2 copies) (CABINET)
    • Farewell to Township Manager, Norton N. Bonaparte Jr. Program. 9/21/2000.
    • Willingboro Twp. 1866 School House 5K Run T-shirt. 2008. (VERTICAL CASE)
    • Willingboro bumper stickers. n.d.
    • Miscellaneous Willingboro Township commemorative cups and mugs.        Various dates. (VERTICAL CASE)
    • Envelopes. Various dates.
    • Hawthorne Elementary School sweatshirt. n.d. (VERTICAL CASE)
    • Willingboro Memorial Eagles Patch. n.d.
    • Willingboro Plaza postcard. N.d.
    • Willingboro Plaza potholder. n.d.
    • Former Willingboro YMCA sign. n.d. large wooden sign in back corner



                -     50th Anniversary Banquet. Congratulations letter from David Levitt. 2008.

                -     50th Anniversary Banquet. Newspaper clippings. 2008.

                -     50th Anniversary Banquet. Slideshow. 2 discs. 2008

    -     50th Anniversary Banquet. Tickets, agenda, seating assignments. 2008.

    -     50th Anniversary Banquet Centerpieces. 2008. (VERTICAL CASE)

    -     50th Anniversary Commemorative Mugs. 2008. (VERTICAL CASE)

    -     50th Anniversary Newspaper Clippings. 2008.

    -     50th Anniversary Personal Remembrances.

                Atzert, Frank (first mailman for Levittown)

                Corpus Christi Church

                Costa, Catherine

    Delp, Joyce and John

    Isackson, Lee

    Kashmer, Bernie

    MacStravic, Elin

    Roscoe, Andrew

    -     50th Anniversary “Soup Off” Apron (CABINET)

    Fire Department

    • Levittown Volunteer Fire Co. Sticker. 1960.
    • Levittown Fire Department Member Badge, 1960s. (VERTICAL CASE)
    • Study of the Willingboro Fire Department, Burlington County, New Jersey. Raymond E. Dobbs. Trenton, New Jersey: New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, 10/1970. [1 of 2]
    • Study of the Willingboro Fire Department, Burlington County, New Jersey. Raymond E. Dobbs. Trenton, New Jersey: New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, 10/1970. [2 of 2]
    • Fire Commissioner History. 1974-2006.
    • Willingboro Fire Department. Annual Reports. 1992, 1993.
    • History of the Willingboro Fire Company. 2008.
    • 25thAnniversary Proclamations:
      • President Ronald Reagan. 5/29/85. (CABINET)
      • Governor Thomas Kean. 6/1/85. (CABINET)
      • Mayor James Ayrer. 5/7/85. (CABINET)
      • N.J. General Assembly. 6/1/85. (CABINET)
      • Burlington County Freeholders. 6/1/85. (CABINET)


    • Township Events


                -     Tax Lists, Willingboro Township. Ledger books. 1886-1887. (CABINET)

                -     Tax Lists, Willingboro Township. Ledger books. 1890, 1893-1894.(CABINET)

                -     Tax Lists, Willingboro Township. Ledger books. 1900-1901, 1904-1907.  (CABINET)

                -     Tax Lists, Willingboro Township. Ledger books. 1910-1913. (CABINET)

                -    Tax Lists, Willingboro Township. Ledger books. 1915 (CABINET)

                -     Levittown Municipal Utilities Authority. Meeting Minutes. 1959-1961.

    -     Willingboro Municipal Utilities Authority. Meeting Minutes. 1964-1972                               [with gaps].

    • Henry Metzger, local government scrapbook. 1966-1967. (CABINET)
    • Henry Metzger, local government scrapbook. 1967-1971. (CABINET)



    -     Human Relations Commission Report. 9/18/1972.

    -     Willingboro Municipal Utilities Authority. Meeting Minutes. 7/7/1972-1973.

                -     Willingboro Municipal Utilities Authority. Meeting Minutes. 1976-1977.

                -     Resolution No. 2. Township council. 1978.

                -     Resolution No. 99-004. Delaware River Corridor. 4/28/1999.

                -     Ordinance 1999-2. Humans Relations Commission. 6/15/1999.

                -     Third annual Town Forum. Publicity and program. 1/26/2001.

                -     Rabies clinic/ animal owners. Town Clerk flyer. 4/23/2003.

                -     Census information. Various dates.

                -     Municipal government organization information, community profiles, etc.                    Various dates.


    [See also Audio Visual-Microfilm for Willingboro Township meeting minutes.]

    Heritage Commission

                -       Meeting minutes. 1971-1975.

    -      Bi-Centennial materials. 1972- 1976.

    -       Correspondence. 1975-2007.

                -       Meeting minutes. 1976-1983.

                -       Membership information. 1978-2007.

                -       One Room School House. 1996-2007.

                -       Meeting minutes. 2005-2007.

    -       Meeting minutes. 2008-2009.

                -       Miscellaneous publicity. Various dates.

                -       Resolutions, meeting information. Various dates.

    -       Willingboro Heritage Student Volunteer Program. Description, permission slip. N.d.


    1. Large white notebook (CABINET)
    2. Member rosters
    3. Meeting agendas and minutes
    4. Project notes
      1. Historic signs
      2. Willingboro Schoolhouse Preservation Plan

    Financial records

    1. Charles Stokes House
    2. Photographs, CD (front pocket)& color photocopies
    3. Little Red Schoolhouse brochure
    1. Stories of Willingboro Township. New Jersey. The country schoolteacher. p 86-92
    2. Township of Willingboro Master Plan. Nomination: Preservation Documents. October 2010
    3. Planning Board Resolution and Minutes 2010
    4. Correspondence with Joanne Diggs, Township Manager, 2009 & 2010
    5. Willingboro Historic Preservation Plan 9/13/09
    6. Reexamination of Master Plan 2006
    7. Maps
    8. Willingboro Heritage Commission Minutes 2009-2010

                -Township of Willingboro Master Plan. Historic Preservation Element. Various versions.

    -Heritage Commission By-Laws 11/5/08.

    1. Heritage Commission Minutes 2008-2011 incl. meetings with Willingboro Town Council          
    2. Stories of Willingboro – Carol Suplee. Excerpts.

                -Other articles

    1. Willingboro Historical Society Oral History Project. Sidney W. Bookbinder, Transcripts. 2 copies. 3/2/81
    2. CAMP: Commission Assistance and Mentoring Program. Notebook. National Alliance of Preservation Commissions. November 13, 2009, Madison, NJ(CABINET)
    1. School House – Town House, One Salem Road, Willingboro, NJ. Historic Site Management Grant Application. Garden State Historic Preservation Trust fund.

    May 14, 2009. Notebook(CABINET)

    1. Notebook. Photocopies. [photos of Willingboro historic properties?], little identification(CABINET)
    1. Willingboro School House. Preservation Plan. Final Edition. July 2011
    2. Historic Trust Grant Information. Old School House. Willingboro. 2copies. 2000
    3. Library Meeting Room Agreements
    4. Draft Willingboro Township Historic Preservation Plan. Presentation to Willingboro Heritage Commission. 9/17/2009
    5. Township of Willingboro. Reexamination of Master Plan. March 2006. Folder. Master Plan of Township of Willingboro Township of Willingboro. 1997. 2 copies
    6. Willingboro. Maps. Various. Folder
    7. Charlotte Hack. Letter of resignation. 10/18/11.





    Accordion file A:

    1. Charles Stokes House. 600 Beverly Rancocas Road, Willingboro, NJ. Nomination to National Register of Historic Places. 1993 with photo. 3 copies
    2. 41 Manor Lane. With photo.  

    Accordion file B

    1. Moses Wills House. Bridge St. near Rancocas Creek. Thomas Harding Stokes Farm attached to survey of Moses Wills House/ Joseph Lundy House 1976
    2. Carl Lewis Boyhood Home. 52 Maplewick Lane. Carl Lewis article and photo of house.
    3. 3 empty folders:
      1. Homes in Oldest 3 Parks
        1. Somerset
        2. Buckingham
    • iii. Pennypacker
    1. 1 Pine Lane
    2. Willie James Home, 32 Marchmont Lane

    Accordion file C

    1. Folder 1 - 630 Bridge Street
      1. Early Houses of Burlington County. NJ Department of State. Copy3. 24pp
      2. Before Levitt. Story of Willingboro Township, by Dr. Henry Bisbee. Copy. 1955. 8pp.
      3. Colonial Homes of Burlington County Built Prior to 1800. Mt. Holly Herald. 1935 unp.
      4. Stokes farm and Willingboro houses. 4p. 2 copies
      5. Wilmerton genealogy – 22pp
      6. Report on Historical Properties – Willingboro. 2pp.
      7. Inventory and Survey of Historic Architectural and Cultural Resources of Burlington County including Willingboro 1975-77
      8. National Register of Historic Places listing in Burlington County NJ. Wikipedia 2009. 8pp.
    2. Folder 2 – Stokingham – 63 Twig Lane
      1. Thomas Harding Stokes Farm attached to survey of Moses Wills House Joseph Lundy House 1976
      2. Willingboro Maps. Copies. 1680-1690. Other-date unknown.
      3. List of Willingboro Historical Society Resources Inventory
      4. Early Houses of Burlington County. NJ Department of State. Copy3. 24pp(SEE C-6 Folder 1a)
      5. Before Levitt. Story of Willingboro Township, by Dr. Henry Bisbee. Copy. 1955. 8pp.(SEE C-6 Folder 1b)
      6. Colonial Homes of Burlington County Built Prior to 1800. Mt. Holly Herald. 1935 unp.(SEE C-6 Folder 1c)
      7. Stokes farm and Willingboro houses. 4p.2 copies(SEE C-6 Folder 1d)
      8. Wilmerton genealogy – 22pp(SEE C-6 Folder 1e)
      9. Report on Historical Properties – Willingboro. 2pp.(SEE C-6 Folder 1f)
      10. Inventory and Survey of Historic Architectural and Cultural Resources of Burlington County including Willingboro 1975-77(SEE C-6 Folder 1g)
      11. National Register of Historic Places listing in Burlington County NJ. Wikipedia 2009. 8pp.(SEE C-6 Folder 1h)

    Accordion File D

    1. Folder 1 – Levitt Sales Office, 4396 Route 130
    2. Folder 2 – The 1866 Little Red Schoolhouse, 1 Salem Road. Misc.
      1. Blue Notebook – events
      2. National Register of Historic Places
      3. Photos


    1. Town Council. Planning Board. Heritage Commission Agendas and Minutes. Various 2008, 2010
    2. Dedication by Rider Resolution. Schoolhouse. 2008
    3. NJ Historical Project. Priscilla Anderson, 1985. “The History and Contribution of Black Americans to the development of Willingboro (Burlington), NJ.”
    4. Municipal Land Use Law
    5. A Quilt of Willingboro History – 50th Anniversary – Willingboro
    6. Open Public Meeting Act
    7. Oral History Project – J. Cresswell Stuart
    8. Levitt Court Case – Willie James 1958 & Levittown History
    9. Willingboro School Board 2007/2008
    10. Willingboro Municipal Building Mural article-Philadelphia Inquirer-2/7/90
    11. Township Maps. Various dates.
    12. Donation article. 1866 Schoolhouse
    13. Afro-American History – Burlington County. articles
    14. Willingboro Heritage Commission: Audiovisual:
      1. Our Vanishing Past- DVD - NJ Public TV & Radio
      2. Willingboro Sites – CD
      3. Willingboro Before, During, and After Levitt- DVD


    Historical Materials

             -     Burlington Press. “Levitt confirms big Willingboro development.” 1955 (PHOTOCOPY)

             -     Amended Complaint, Willie James v. Levitt & Sons, Inc. 1958.

             -     Levittown Bell Telephone Papers. Late 1950s.

    • Levittown resident phone directory. c.a. 1960?
    • Levitt & Sons vs. Dept. of Ed. and Willie James. February, 1960.
    • Correspondence. Letter from William J. Levitt to homeowners. 10/23/1963.
    • Linmark Associates v. Township of Willingboro, Supreme Court Ruling. 1977.
    • Ryan Realty Newsletter. 1979.
    • Willingboro Tri-Centennial Newsletter. 1988.
    • Old bibliographies of Willingboro History. 1989.
    • National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for Charles Stokes House. 1993.
    • Impact of Afro-Americans on Willingboro after Racial Barriers were Lifted in 1960 by Roy Paige (1st and 2nd drafts). 2008.
    • Historical Maps. Photocopies. Various dates. [see also Maps].
    • Miscellaneous photocopies, anonymous manuscripts. Township history. Various dates.




    -     Copy of drawing of the Van Sciver Homestead at Adams Wharf. Circa 1880s.

    -     Levitt and Sons. Complete Homeowner’s Portfolio. c.a. 1960. (CABINET)

                -     Levitt and Sons. List of Household appliances. c.a. 1960.

                -     Levittown New Jersey. Home models brochures. 5/1961, 5/1963.

    -     Report on Historical Properties. Willingboro Advisory Bi-Centennial Committee. 197?

    -     Blockbusting article. Burlington County Times. 1973.

    -     Miscellaneous Real Estate Information. 1976, 2006.

                -     Comparative Analysis of Residential Sales. 1982, 1986.

                -     Asbestos removal in Willingboro homes. Documents. 7/24/1986.

                -     New Resident Information Packet. 2004.

                -     Original floor vinyl tile. Levittown Exhibit Center North. 2008. (WALL)

                -     Futuro. Various dates.

                -      Historic houses. Maps and information. Various dates.

                -     Lundy House. Various dates.


    Willingboro Houses, Copy of Floor Plans Box:

    • Architects drawings. Various dates. [Please use copies].

    Land Acquisition

    • Abstract of Deed of Mortgage, William Franklin to Thomas Foxcroft and  Joseph Galloway. Photocopy. 1/17/1771.
    • Deed and transcription. Transfer of ¼ acre of land to Willingboro Township for use as school. Photocopies. 12/14/1796.
    • Miscellaneous information. Openings of residential districts, former neighborhoods etc. 1974-1997.


    -     Large Historic Map of Burlington County, NJ. 1859.

    -     Map of the present townships of Willingborough and Westhampton, showing the location of lands as taken up from the Indians between the years of 1680 and 1690. 1882.

    -     Early Levittown maps. Late 50s/early 60s.

    -     Recommended Building Zone Map. The Willingboro Suburban/The Willingboro Weekly. 6/1/1966.

    -     Bank of West Jersey, Willingboro map. 1968.

    -     Map showing zip codes of Willingboro and surrounding areas. N.d.

    -     Street Index Map. N.d.


    Shelf 1, left:

           -     African Art poster. By Eugene M. Lloyd

    Shelf 2 and 3, left:

           -     Part of Burlington Co., NJ 1860, Whitlock’s, Newhaven, CT (2 copies)

    Shelf 4, left:

             -     Levittown Library Conceptual Drawing, C. Jones Buehler AIA Architect. 1960.

    • Map of Levittown, New Jersey. Levitt and Sons, Inc. 1963.
    • Township of Willingboro: 2003 Community Information Guide.
    • Willingboro, New Jersey. Century 21 Candid Realty. N.d.
    • Township of Willingboro, Burlington County, New Jersey. No date.

    Shelf 5, left:

    • Map of Voting Districts, Willingboro Township, Burlington County, N.J. 1965. (3 Copies)
    • Township of Willingboro, Burlington County, New Jersey: Development Plan. Prepared for the Township Planning Board by Herbert H. Smith Associates, West Trenton, New Jersey. 1968.
    • Willingboro, New Jersey08046. Greater Willingboro Chamber of Commerce. 1969.
    • Welcome to Willingboro, map and information. Willingboro Municipal Authority, Willingboro, NJ. c1944
    • Map of Voting Districts, Willingboro Township, Burlington County, N.J. 2007. (2 sheets)
    • Township of Willingboro Map. Churches and Public Buildings. N.d.
    • Township of Willingboro Map. Photocopy. N.d.

    Shelf 6, left:

    -     Beverly, PA—NJ. 15’ Quadrangle. United States Geological Survey, 1955.

    -     Beverly, PA—NJ. 15’ Quadrangle. United States Geological Survey, 1966.

    Shelf 1, right:

    -     Atlas of aerial photographs, Burlington County, New Jersey. Real Estate Data, Inc. 1974.

    Shelf 2, right:

    • Burlington Co., NJ 1849. Whitlock’s, New Haven, Conn.
    • Townships of Willingboro and Westampton, New Jersey. January 23, 1951. (Original and Photographic Copies in cardboard tubes)
    • Survey showing location of lands as taken up from the Indians between 1680   and 1690. Charles Stokes, surveyor, Rancocas, New Jersey 1872. Historic sites added by Watson C. Buck. The Historic Documents Publishing Co., Vineland, NJ. No date. (1 copies)(2 reproductions)

    Shelf 3, right:

    • Willingboro Little League Senior Champions Plaque, 1964.

    Shelf 4, right:

    • Combination Atlas Map of Burlington County, New Jersey. Compiled, Drawn, and Published from Personal Examinations and Surveys. J. D. Scott, Philadelphia, 1876. (2 copies)
    • Family Week at the Theatre poster, 2000.
    • Willingboro Township Public Schools Elementary Attendance Zones, 2006-7. (4 copies)
    • Bye Bye Birdie, Willingboro High School Auditorium, 2009.
    • “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF WILLINGBORO”, Wednesday, June 14, 2006 – (approx. 50 posters with photos)


    • Various mortgage forms, Levitt & Sons. 1958.
    • Haltrecht, Henry and Hannah A. 1958
    • McSweeney, Terrance. 1958.
    • McWilliams, Michael and Mary. 1958.
    • Maloney, Thomas and Violet. 1958. Incl. plot & house plans and bills.
    • Maloney, Thomas and Violet. 1959.

             -    Venditti, Samuel R. 1959.

    • Williams, Charles and Vera. 1960.

    Newspaper Clippings

                -     Accent! Burlington County Times, “A Look Back at Levittown,” 1981.

    • Anniversaries. 1976, 1983, 1988.
    • Arts. 1988, etc.
    • The Boro Bugle. 2007-8.
    • Burlington County Times – Blue Binders.

    June 1974 – April 1975. (BOOKSHELF

    February 1976 – January 1977. (BOOKSHELF)

    1. (BOOKSHELF)
    2. (BOOKSHELF)
    3. (BOOKSHELF)
    4. (BOOKSHELF)
    5. (BOOKSHELF)
    6. (BOOKSHELF)
    7. (BOOKSHELF)

    January 1984 – June 1986. (BOOKSHELF)

    June 1986 – May 1987. (BOOKSHELF)

    May 1987 – July 1988. (BOOKSHELF)

    July 1988 – April 1990. (BOOKSHELF)

    May 1990 – February 1992. (BOOKSHELF)

    February 1992 – October 1994. (BOOKSHELF)


    -   Commerce. Various dates.

    • Community Affairs. Various dates.
    • Crime. Various dates.

    -   Demographics. Various dates.

    -   Development. Various dates.

    • Diversity. Various dates.
    • Education. Various dates.
    • Elections. 1969-2005
    • Government. Various dates.
    • History. Various dates.
    • Housing. Various dates.
    • International Festival. 1972-1989.
    • Labor. Teacher Strike. 1977.
    • Land Acquisition. 1978.
    • Lawsuits. Miscellaneous, Linmark v. Willingboro. 1977, 2004.
    • Levittown News. 1959-1960.
    • Municipal Building. 1965, 1967.
    • Obituaries. 2006.
    • Weather. 1960.

    Olympia Lakes

                -     Photograph circa 1950s, Olympia Lakes acquisition.


    Willingboro Pamphlets Box

    -     Bisbee, Henry. Before Levittown: Story of Willingboro Township. 50th     Anniversary Reproduction. Willingboro, New Jersey: By Willingboro Public Library. [3 copies]

    -     League of Women Voters of Willingboro, New Jersey. Know Your Town. Willingboro, New Jersey: By author, 1963.

    -     League of Women Voters of Willingboro, New Jersey. Know Your Town.

                       2nd ed. Willingboro, New Jersey: By author, 1965. [3 copies].

                -     League of Women Voters of Willingboro, New Jersey. Know Your Town                           1967 Addendum .Willingboro, New Jersey: By author, 1967.

                -     League of Women Voters of Willingboro, New Jersey. Know Your Town                           1968 Addendum. Willingboro, New Jersey: By author, 1968.

                -     Levitt and Sons. Reprints of magazine articles. Willingboro, New Jersey: By                      author, 1965.

                -     Levitt and Sons. Homeowner’s Guide; Some Important Information for                              Residents of Levittown to Help Them Enjoy Their New homes. Levittown, New Jersey: By author, c.a. 1960.

                -     Levitt and Sons. Homeowner’s Guide; Some Important Information for                              Residents of Levittown to Help Them Enjoy Their New homes. Levittown,           New Jersey: By author, c.a. 1963. [later edition].

                -     Levitt and Sons. Living in Willingboro, New Jersey. Willingboro, New Jersey: By author, c.a. 1965.

                -     Levitt, William J. A House is not Enough. Random House, 1964.

                -     Levittown Civic Association. Welcome to Levittown New Jersey. (5 copies)                 Levittown, New Jersey: By author. c.a. 1960.

                -     Township of Willingboro 50th Anniversary Celebration. 2008. [6 copies]

                -     Willingboro Township Council. Willingboro Township Silver Anniversary.                   Willingboro, New Jersey: By author, 1983. (2 copies)

                -     Levitt and Sons. Levittown New Jersey. Levittown, New Jersey. n.d.

                -     Rainbow pamphlet. Willingboro, New Jersey. n.d.(6 copies)

    -     Willingboro Fire Department and Emergency Squad. 50 Years of Dedicated     Service to Willingboro. Willingboro, New Jersey, 2010. (2 copies)



    • Tri-County News Journal, Willingboro Edition. Various dates, 10/1981.
    • Willingboro Suburban. 3/27/1967.
    • Willingboro Suburban. 3/7/1968.
    • Willingboro Weekly. 12/9/1964. [Municipal building fire].


    Periodical Boxes:

    • Township of Willingboro Newsletters. 1980-1989.
    • Township of Willingboro Newsletters. 1990-1995.
    • Township of Willingboro Newsletters. 1996-1997.
    • Township of Willingboro Newsletters. 1998.
    • Township of Willingboro Newsletters. 1999
    • Township of Willingboro Newsletters. 2000
    • Township of Willingboro Newsletters. 2001.
    • Township of Willingboro Newsletters. 2002.
    • Township of Willingboro Newsletters. 2003
    • Township of Willingboro Newsletters. 2004.
    • Township of Willingboro Newsletters. 2005.
    • Township of Willingboro Newsletters. 2006-2007.



    Willingboro Township Photographs Box 1

                -     Various Old Willingboro/Levittown Photos (Annotated Backs) various dates.

                -     The Denning Farm. Circa 1950s.

                -     Aerial shot of Levitt Middle School. Early ‘60s.

                -     Dedication of the Municipal Complex. Photo Album. 11/18/1967. (CABINET)

                -     Miscellaneous Mill Creek Park. c.a. 1970’s.

                -     Dedication of display case to C. W. Williams. Municipal building. 1991.

                -     Willingboro 4th of July parade. c.a. 1990’s.

                -     Willingboro Fire Department. Various (annotated). 1999-2002.

                -     Auto Show. Town Center. c.a. 2003.

    Willingboro Township Photographs Box 2

    • Parade – July 4, 2000

    Willingboro Township Photographs Box 3

    • Parade – Memorial Day? 1997?
    • Parade - July 6, 2004
    • Parade - Memorial Day? 4th of July? 2002, 2004, 2005
    • Parade - North Philadelphia Foot Stompers – n.d.
    • 4th Annual Golf Classic, n.d.
    • Car Show – n.d.
    • Circus – n.d.
    • A Day in the Life of Willingboro – 6/15/05?

           A-Z order by photographer’s last name

    • A Day in the Life of Willingboro – 2006

           A-Z order by photographer’s last name

             Incl. CDs; thumbnail prints; some written descriptions

    Willingboro Photograph Oversize Box

    • Township Photograph. Late 1800s
    • Shinn Family Farm. 1948.
    • Crowd Scene, Opening Day. 1958.
    • Various Aerial Shots. Circa 1961-1965.
    • Jack Benny and Dick Mullen at Willingboro Country Club. 1967.
    • Old Library Card Catalog. N.d.
    • Pool Scene. N.d.
    • Willingboro Hovercraft. N.d.


    Willingboro Township and Schools Oversize Box

                -     Willingboro Township New Jersey School Register. 1957-8.

                -     Levitt and Sons. Home Model Sheets. 1958. (2 copies)

                -     Miscellaneous photographs. Late ‘50s to early ‘60s.

                -     Supplemental fact sheets to the development plan summary report for Willingboro  

                       Township. December 1964. The Willingboro Weekly. 1/6/1965.          

    -     1st Annual Willingboro Fourth of July Poster. 1966.

                -     New York Times. Article about Rittenhouse park development. 5/7/1967.

                -     Willingboro Life, vol. 1, no.2, c1968.

    -     Burlington County Times Levittown 10th Anniversary newspaper edition. 1968.

           (2 copies)

    -     Willingboro 20th Anniversary Special Edition, Burlington County Times. 10/17/1978 (4 copies)

    -       Willingboro High School and Kennedy High School football, Burlington County

                         Times. 1979.

    -     Last edition of The Bulletin. 1982.

    -     Last edition of The Herald. 1982.

    -     Willingboro story started down on the farm. Burlington County Times . 4/24/1983.

    -     Willingboro will dedicate mural depicting town’s 300-year history.

           Burlington County Times. c1990.          

                -     High School Jazz posters. 2004.(2 copies)

    -     Discover Burlington County. 6/26/2005.

                -     Burlington County Times 50th Anniversary Banquet Issue. 9/ 2008. (7 copies)

                -     People Living Together in Willingboro Jaycees Contest. N.d.


    Willingboro Township Oversize Box 2

    -     Bisbee, Henry. Before Levittown: The town that mushroomed overnight was once a summer haven for Indians. From Accent, June 28, 1981, page 9.

    -     Blueprint for Cape Cod, Garfield East. 1967.

    -     Blueprint for Grammercy, Garfield East. 1967.

    -     Blueprint for Newport, Garfield East. 1967.

                -     Funday in the Park News. June 3, 1977. 16pp.

                -     Levittown Life. June 29, 1961 pp 5-6, pp 11-12, October 5, 1961.

    -     Lynskey, Bill. Looking back at Levittown: was the Levitt formula for housing a reckless gamble or a social vision: Accent, June 28, 1981. pp 6-9.

                -     Sharrow, Barnard G. Looking Back. Ellen E. Buzby knew Burlington County when…. Accent. June 24, 1979. page 4 & 9.

                -     Suplee, Carol. Pre-Levitt Willingboro residents through raising Cain. Burlington County Times. Sunday, July 21, 1974.

    -   Willingboro Plaza Ads. July-December, 1974-1979.

                -   Willingboro Town Center. Bike path/Walkway Construction Plan. Remington and Vernick Engineers (Sheet 3 & 4 of 6) 3/2007.

    -     Willingboro Town Center. Bike path/Walkway Conceptual Plan. Remington and Vernick Engineers (Sheet 4 & 5 of 6) 3/2007.

    -     Willingboro Weekly. 1/20/1965, 9/22/1965, 1/26/1966, 2/2/1966.





    Police Department

                -     History of Willingboro/Levittown Police Department. 1952-2002.

                -     Police Administrative Services Bureau. A Staff Study of the Willingboro Township        Police Department. Newark, New Jersey: New Jersey Police Training Commission, 12/1980.

    Publications & Manuscripts

    -     “America’s Suburbs: An Age of Transformation,” The Economist.     5/29/2008.

         (2 copies)

                -     Anderson, Priscilla B. The History and Contribution of Black American to                                                 the Development of Willingboro, (Burlington) New Jersey. Trenton, New Jersey: New Jersey Historical Commission-Afro-American Division, 8/1985.

                -     Bisbee, Henry H. Before Levittown; Story of Willingboro Township. n.d.

                -     Curtis, Lea C. Willingboro, New Jersey: A Community of Concern and                               Innovation. . New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University, 4/18/1985. - DeCou, George (compiler). Willingboro History. 4/1975.

                -     Feliciano, Efrain and Gordon, Gerald C. Commercial Analysis and Dwelling                       Pattern Study in Willingboro Township. 9/16/1977.

                -     Gibson, Todd J. Township of Willingboro, State of New Jersey. A 15 Year                     Financial Profile for the Years 1975-1989. New Brunswick, New Jersey:                    Rutgers University, 1993.

                -     Insight in Options. Study of Sexism: Junior and Senior High School                                     Textbooks. Willingboro, New Jersey: By author, 1977. [See also Audio Visual]

    -     Pooly, Karen Beck. “The Other Levittown: Race and Place in Willingboro,

    NJ.”,TheNextAmericanCity. 2003.

    -        Rusk, David. “The Convergence of Poverty and Race Creates the Toughest Political Problems in America,” by David Rusk. 11/6/1999.

    -     Williamson, June. “Retrofitting ‘Levittown’”, Places, Vol. 17, No. 2. 2005.

    Publications Box 1:

    -     Standard House Line Specifications. Levitt and Sons, 1968.



                -     Willingboro Country Club 1966-1990; Rancocas Country Club 1990-     ;

                       Golf Tournament June 27, 2000.                       

    -     Jazz workshops. Photographs. Newspaper clipping.1967.

    -     Report of Willingboro Recreation Survey Advisory Committee of the                          Township Council. 12/1967.

    -    Miscellaneous events publicity. 1973-2005.

    -     Dedication of Mill Creek Park. Program. 6/9/1974.

    -     International Festival programs& cookbook. 1974-1989.

    -     Cunninghis, Richelle N. Leisure Time Services for the Older Citizens of                         Willingboro, New Jersey. Willingboro, New Jersey: by author, summer 1977.

                -     Funday in the Park publicity. 1984. (See also Funday in the Park News. Willingboro Township Oversize Box 2)

    -     Recreation Department Annual Report. 1985.

    -     Jazz Festival Programs. 1985-1990.

    -     Millennium Celebration publicity. 1999-2001.

                -     Jazz Festival publicity. 2001-2005.

                -     Newspaper Clippings. 2008.

    -     Recreational facilities map. Various dates.(see also MAPS)

                -     Heritage Players. Program for His-story and Lie-braries: The Untold Story of                        a Unique People.n.d.


    Willingboro Township (PAMPHLET BOX)


    Sign Project. Bus Shelter Proposal. c. 1995-2000 (spiral binding).

    2 blue looseleaf notebooks:

    Proposed Park Designation Signs 11/16/9.

    Willingboro Signs 11/18/96


    Sister Cities Materials

    -     Levittown, New York. Miscellaneous history, brochures, newspaper clippings. Various dates.

    -     Levittown, Pennsylvania. Miscellaneous newspaper clippings. Various dates.

    -     Wellingboro, England. Newspaper clippings, history, pamphlets. Various dates.


                -     Levittown and Beyond. 2009.

    Willingboro Plaza

                -     Kid’s Face Mask

               -     Photographs. Various dates.

                -   Willingboro Plaza Association – Board of Directors – Minutes –

                       April 1965-April 1966.   


    • BurlingtonCountyVoTechSchool. 1988. (BOOKSHELF)
    • CountryClubRidgeSchool. 1970-1971, 1974-1975.
    • Country Club Ridge School. 1973. (VERTICAL CASE)
    • JohnF. KennedyHigh School. 1965 – 1989 (BOOKSHELF)
    • WillingboroHigh School. 1976 – 2011. (BOOKSHELF)
    • WillingboroMemorialJunior High School. 1975-76.
    • Willingboro Memorial Junior High School. 1992, 1994. (BOOKSHELF)




    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1966. Information

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1967

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1971. Program.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1972. Correspondence: Township Officials & Organizations: Military Units. Financial Reports

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1972. Extra Programs. Parade Comments

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1972. Float Division Rules. Theme: This Great Land. Misc.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1972. Twirling Groups. Bands.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1974. Correspondence with Bands. Twirling Groups.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1974. Extra Programs. Parade Comments

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1974. Financial Report.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1974. Form Letters.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1974. Misc.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1974. Correspondence: Township Organizations & Officials:     Military Groups.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1976. Programs

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1976. Township Letters. Organizations Letters.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1976. Bands. Twirlers. Marshalls. Misc.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1976. Parade Report. Financial Report

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1976. Military. Form Letters

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1979. Band Information. Twirlers Information. Military Information. Misc.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1979. Parade Information: Marshalls. Parade Report. Float Rules. Form Letters.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1979. Township Organization. Information.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1980. Form Letters

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1980. Letters: Bands. Twirlers. Military. Financial Report.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1980. Letters: Township Organization. Zambelli Fireworks Co.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1980. Misc.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1980. Programs.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. Not July 4. 1985-88. Misc.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1988. Financial Report. Bands Information. Parade Report.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1988. Military Information. Community Groups Information. Parade Line-Up and Marshalls Information.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1990. Form Letter

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1990. Bands. Parade Line-up & Report

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1990. Community Groups. Financial Information.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1991. Bands. Financial Information.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1991. Parade Line-up. Community Groups Info.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1991. Township Budget for 1991. Form Letters.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1991. Budget 1992. Parade Marshalls. 1991

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1992. Parade Line-up. Vendors Permits.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1992. Community Groups. Parade Report.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1992. Financial Information. Bands.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1993. Community Groups.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1993. Bands. Parade Line-up.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1993. Financial Information. Parade Report. Misc.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1994. Community Groups

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1994. Bands. Financial Information. Parade report.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1995. Bands. Sign-up Forms. Misc. Information. List of Parade Participants.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1995. Financial Information. Parade Line-up. Parade Report.

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1997-1998

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 1999

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 2000

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 2002

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 2004

    Willingboro Township. Parades. July 4, 2005; 2008. Flyers

    Willingboro Township. Parades. Memorial Day. 1994

    Willingboro Township. Parades. Memorial Day. 1995

    Willingboro Township. Parades. Memorial Day. 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

    Willingboro Township. Parades. Memorial Day. 2003, 2005, 2008. Flyers. Newspaper clipping.



    Olympia Lakes: 1983-86

    Willingboro Lakes Nature Preserve









    • Miscellaneous.

    Levittown, NY & Levitt

    • Photos.

    Willingboro Township

    • Budget Review – December 1994 – Includes recommendation to transfer township library to Burlington County
    • Churches
    • Clubs and Organizations-Willingboro NAACP . Rev. William R. James. Newspaper articles
    • Clubs and Organizations – various
    • Commissions
    • Ephemera

                -     Events. Various

                -     Expanding Horizons. 1992

                -     Historical and Governmental notes c 1999

               -     History

                -   Houses

    • Houses. Willingboro Square. Photos
    • Human Relations Commission. Minority Male Community Grant Proposal. December 10, 1997
    • Maps and Trees
    • Newspaper articles
    • Oral history and History
    • Olympia Lakes – History
    • Photos – Including Aerial Views. cl. 1998
    • Recreation Center
    • Schools. John F. Kennedy High School. 1966 Graduating Class. Football and Sports Memorabilia
    • School brochure. Levitt and Sons Publisher (copy)
    • School Report Card. 2004-2005
    • Schools. Misc
    • Town Councils/Mayors – 1972-2008

    Willingboro Township

    • Municipal Utilities Authority. Water Pollution Facility.


    Willingboro Bicentennial and Heritage Commission

    • Bicentennial Pageant. 1975-1977.
    • Reports. Ephemera.

    Willingboro Heritage Commission. Willingboro Historical Society. Willingboro Bicentennial    and Heritage Commission

    • Minutes.

    Willingboro Heritage Commission

    • Tricentennial Celebration – 1988 – and Meeting Minutes.

    Willingboro Historical Society

    • Financial records. c.1980s.
    • Franklin Park documents – William Franklin.

    Willingboro Township

    • Kimble tract. 1969-1973.
    • Paul Krane – campaign materials 1971-1972.
    • Newspaper articles. c.1971-1972.
    • Rittenhouse Park. c. 1969-1973.


    BurlingtonCounty and New Jersey Materials Box 1:

    Historical Information

    • Miscellaneous newspaper clippings. Bootlegging, historic homes, etc. Various  dates.
    • BurlingtonCounty maps. Historical and current. Various dates.
    • Photographs. Historical re-enactment in Bordentown, NJ. Donated by the Heritage Commission. 2005.
    • Miscellaneous guides to Burlington County historical sites. Various dates, 1976.
    • New Jerseyduring the American Revolution. Ca. 1984.

    Leaflets and Brochures

    • Miscellaneous brochures. BurlingtonCountyCollege, Chamber of Commerce, etc. Various dates, 2003, 2004.
    • Miscellaneous community directories. Volunteer, government, etc. 1991-2006.
    • Pinelands brochures. 1985.


    • The Burlington Spy. Burlington County Historical Society. 2006-2007.
    • The CountyBell. Various issues. 2004-2006.
    • The CountyReport. Winter 2003, summer 2006.
    • The Pine Lander. Various issues. 2003-2006.
    • Tri-County News Journal. Various issues. 1980.
    • Miscellaneous, including Burlington County Woman. 1982-2003.

    [See also Audio-Visual-microfilm].


    • Griscom, Lloyd E. The Historic County of Burlington. Mount Holly, New Jersey:BurlingtonCounty Cultural and Heritage Commission, 1973, 1991.
    • The League of Women Voters of the Moorestown Area, New Jersey. Our County-Burlington. Moorestown, New Jersey: by author, 1977.
    • Burlington County, New Jersey, 198?.
    • Discover Burlington: YourBurlingtonCounty Fact Book. Burlington County Times, 1995.

    Publications& Manuscripts

    • Boyer, Charles S. Rambles Through Old Highways and Byways of West Jersey. Camden, New Jersey: CamdenCounty Historical Society, 1967.
    • BurlingtonCountyBoard of Chosen Freeholders. The Concessions and Agreements of the Proprietors, Freeholders and Inhabitants of West New Jersey in America. Mount Holly, New Jersey: by author, 1977.
    • Burlington County Department of Economic Development. Burlington County, NJ. 1992
    • DeCou, George. The Early History of Burlington County. n.d.
    • Mathis, Majah C. The Lower Section of Burlington County. 1/20/1934. [speech].
    • McMahon, William. Excerpt from Pine Barrens Legends, Lore and Lies. 1980. [baseball mud].
    • Ricci, Pat. “The Jersey Devil; Fact or Fiction”? 3/21/1976.
    • Thomson, Peter. A Brief History of the Pinelands Region. n.d.


    Burlington County and New Jersey Materials Box 1:

    Historical Information

    • “100 Years of Light”. Historical information on Thomas Edison. n.d.
    • African American Heritage Guide to New Jersey. C.a. 1998.
    • New Jersey historical groups. Miscellaneous news and information. 2003-2007.  


    • New Jersey Bi-centennial flag. 1987.


    Leaflets and Brochures

    • Miscellaneous brochures—BurlingtonCountyCollege, Chamber of Commerce, etc. 1982-2004
    • Miscellaneous Community Directories. 1991-2006.
    • Pinelands. 1985.

    Newspaper Clippings and Ephemera

                -     Newspaper Clippings, Post Cards, Obituary-Chief Roy “Crazy Horse”. 11/16/2004.


    • Estuary News. Fall 2004.

    Publications& Manuscripts

    • New Jersey Historical Society. More New Jersey Trivia. Newark, New Jersey: by author, 8/1984.
    • Smith, Samuel. Excerpt from The History of the Colony of New Jersey…1765. [photocopy].



    Willingboro Clubs and Organizations Box 1:


    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

    • Event Flyers, donations certificates. Various dates.

    American Association of University Women

                                   -     Newspaper clippings. 2008.

    Art Alliance

    • Newsletters. 1972?-2009. [with gaps].
    • Programs, 25th Anniversary, membership directory. 1990, 2006.
    • Programs, public relations and correspondence. 1971-2003.

    B’nai B’rith

    • Letters of nomination for Humanitarian Distinguished Service Award, by various organizations. 1979.

            -     Programs, Members Directories & Newsletters. 1979

    Boy Scouts

                                   -     Newspaper clippings. Early 1960s.

    Willingboro Clergy Association

    • Membership information. 1975-1977.

    Corpus ChristiChurch

                                   -     Building Fund Tickets. 1961.

                       -     25th Anniversary Commemorative Book. 1984. (BOOKSHELF)

    Democratic Club

                            -     1985-86 Membership Directory

    Environmental Concern Organization(CABINET)

    • Scrapbook,clippings. 1971-1977.

    Willingboro Friendship Guild

                -     Newspaper Clippings. 2008.

    General Federated Women’s Club of Willingboro

    • Newspaper Clippings

    Box 1:

    • Scrapbook. 1984 - Loose scrapbook pages
    • Scrapbook. 1985 - Loose scrapbook pages
    • Scrapbook 1986-87.
    • Membership lists
    • Correspondence
    • Pins
    • Misc. 1983-86

    Box 2:

    • Scrapbook. 1996-97
    • Scrapbook. 1997-98
    • Scrapbook. 1998-99
    • Scrapbook. 1999-2000
    • Scrapbook. 2000-2001.

    Box 3:

    • Scrapbook. 2001-2002.
    • Scrapbook. 2002-2003.
    • Scrapbook. 2003-2004.
    • Scrapbook. 2004-2005.
    • Scrapbook. 2005-2006.

                Box 3A:          (Small blue box)

    • Scarf
    • Wall hanging or table cloth with names of members embroidered.

    Girl Scouts

                -     Levittown Brownies Scrapbook.1963-4. (CABINET)

    Greater Willingboro Association

    • Meeting Minutes, Amendments, By-laws, public relations flyers. 1998-2/10/2000.

    Willingboro Historical Society

                -     Press release. Formation of the Historical Society. 1975.

                -     Miscellaneous correspondence, notes, publicity. 1970’s, 1980’s.

                -     Correspondence, grant application, notes. 1979-1982.

                -     Report. Transitional Levittown-Willingboro. B. Sharrow. 2/6/1980.

    • Meeting minutes. 1980-1987.
    • Oral history transcription. Sidney Bookbinder. 3/2/1981. [see also People and Audio-Visual].
    • Miscellaneous correspondence, membership information, publicity. 1999-2003.
    • Report: Town House-School House. By the Historical Society. 3/17/2005. [see also Old School House box].

    International Festival

    • Programs, Cookbooks. 1974-1977.[See also newspaper clippings].

    Jack and Jill of America, Inc.

    -     Burlington-Willingboro Chapter – 4oth Anniversary Celebration – October 12, 2013 -       Program

    Willingboro Jaycees

    • Children’s Contest, “people Living Together in Willingboro”. Flag, seal and motto. Undated. [See also Club’s and Associations Oversize Box].
    • Newspaper clippings. 2008.


    Jaycees Community Guides Boxes:

    • Jaycees Community Guides. 1978-1981.
    • Jaycees Community Guides. 1977.
    • Jaycees Community Guides. 1976.
    • Jaycees Community Guides. 1974, 1975.
    • Jaycees Community Guides. 1972, 1973.
    • Jaycees Community Guides. 1970,1971.

    Willingboro Clubs and Associations Box 1: (Cont.)

    Kinsmen of Willingboro

                -     Scrapbook. 7/2/1965. (CABINET) [-1978?]

    • By-Laws, election information. 1967-1974.
    • Meeting Minutes. 1967-1978.
    • Events programs. 1968-1971.
    • Correspondence. 1969-1973.
    • Mansfield, William J. A Study to Determine the Relationship of the Kinsmen to Community Problems in Willingboro, New Jersey. Ewing, New Jersey:     Trenton State College, 7/30/1970.
    • Willingboro Track Club meet. Sponsorship. 1970.
    • James C. Tucker Memorial Dance. Programs. 1969-1970,1972-1975.
    • Correspondence. 1974-1978.
    • James C. Tucker Memorial Dance. Programs. 1976-1978.
    • Ms. Black America Pageant. Sponsorship. 1976-1978.
    • Charles W. Williams. Memorial bike trail resolution. 1978-1991. [See also People].
    • Membership information, applications. Various dates.
    • Miscellaneous documents, financial information. Various dates.
    • Newspaper articles. Various dates.

    Lions Club

    • Pendant. Assorted pins. 2000-2001.

    Literacy Volunteers of Burlington County Inc.

                -     One on One newsletter. 2007.

    MillbrookPark Civic Association

                -     Public relations flyers. c.a. 1965?

                -     MillbrookPark Civic Association. Large Banner. n.d.(CABINET)

    Rotary Club

    • Event programs and flyers. 1971-2011.

    -     Newspaper Clippings. 2008.

    St. Luke’s Church

    • Early Brochure. Circa 1960.
    • Service of Organization Program. 2/28/1960.
    • Donation register. Adolph Szepanski. 7/3/1960.
    • Documents and Newsletter. 1961-1969.
    • Devotional literature, programs. c.a. 1962.

    Sister Will You Help Me, Willingboro

                -     Information from the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sister to Sister newsletter, 2007.

    Temple Emanu-El

    • Rug Hooking Tapestry, pamphlet and program. 1979.

    Willingboro Junior Women’s Club

    • Newspaper Clippings. 2008.
    • Scrapbook. 1980-1. (CABINET)

    WindsorPark Civic Association

    • Charter. 1961.

    Zeta Phi Beta

    • Event Flyers. 2001, 2004, 2005, 2013.
    • Awards Ceremony. May 19, 2013. Scholarship Recipients.
    • Awards Ceremony. 2013. Willingboro Public Library. Christine King, Director.


    Clubs & Associations Oversize Box:

    • Jaycees children’s project, “People Living Together in Willingboro”. n.d.           [unable to locate]


    WILLINGBORO PEOPLE (Biographical File).

    Willingboro People Box 1:

    • Adams, Richard. Article, organ donation. 11/10/2005.
    • Bass, Henry C. Memorial. 9/23/1994. [See also Kinsmen].
    • Bell, Marie White, J.S.C. retired – Oral History Interview and DVD – 2012
    • Bell, Marie White (retired Superior Court Judge) - & Marshall, Timothy – NAACP Freedom Fund Award. 10/30/06
    • Bell, Marilyn (DiLascio) – Youngest person to swim the English Channel relearns how to swim. Wall Street Journal. February 16, 2016.
    • Bintliff, John H. - author - The Baldwin Lane Baseball Gang – 4p- John F. Kennedy High School, Willingboro, NJ - FACEBOOK public group discussion, 12/30/2018. 2 copies.
    • Bisbee, Henry. Article. 4/15/1989.
    • Bookbinder, Sidney. Newspaper clippings. Various dates.
    • Byrd, Nat. Copies, Across the Top of Russia. Coastguard ice breaker. 1965.
    • Buchwald, PAT. Oral history interview transcript.
    • Bumbrey, Mae. Article, continuing education. 10/11/2004.
    • Bussey, George. Article, veteran. n.d.
    • Campbell, Doreatha. Obituary, article. 1998.1999.
    • Cella, Nancy Louise. Memorial. Biographical paper. 5/11/2006.
    • Chaney Family. Article, Civil Rights activist murder (1964). 4/6/2005.
    • Cheeseman, Norman. Obituary, 2008.
    • Chief Roy Crazy Horse. Obituaries. 11/11/04.
    • Cuspilich, Frank J.
    • Dabney, Roscoe. Article, photography. 3/21/2005.
    • Derr, Jean H. Obituary, article. 2007.
    • El Amin, Karen “Queen Nor”. Article, 2004.
    • Ellis, Rev. Edwin L. Article, 2005.
    • Evans, Theodore. Obituary, 2005.
    • Fiedler, Mark. Correspondence, article. 2005.
    • Fiedler, William W. Obituary, 7/10/2008.
    • Fleming, Marjorie. Funeral program including obituary & photos. February 3, 2015.
    • Flynn, Mary Ellen. Obituary. June 2, 2016.
    • Flynn, Thomas. Article. 5/22/1975.
    • Gammage, Jeffrey. 4/29/2012.
    • George, Freddie. Oral history interview transcript.
    • Gill, Anne Marie. Obituary.   Burlington County Times, July 10, 2014. Prayer cards.
    • Goldman, Joyce. Article, certificate, Braille transcription. 1963-?
    • Goldman, Maurice. Library Board resolution. 2010.
    • Gordon, Ken. Re-Election flyer. 2014?
    • Gray, Jim. Article. 2000.
    • Guthrie, Dan. Oral history interview transcript.
    • Hall, Martha. Proclamation from Office of the Mayor Township of Willingboro, New Jersey. April 5, 2016. copy.
    • Hammond, Ida. Oral history interview transcript
    • Hampton, Kne-O’Chaw. Article, 2004.
    • Holder, ArdethLaLeete Bates. Funeral Program. March 28, 2014.
    • Jackiewizc, Richard. Article, Rotary, 2004.
    • Jackson, Lydia Monice. Article, music. 1978.
    • James, Willie R. Articles, tributes, etc. Various dates.
    • James, Willie R. Oral history interview transcript.
    • James, Willie R. Portrait. (WALL)
    • Kearns, William John Jr. Lawyer profile. 2004.
    • Kendall, Harry W. Article, novel. Oral history interview transcript. 1999, 5/26/2005.
    • Kendall, Michael Susan. Bio, articles, obituary, resume. Various dates.
    • King, Christine Hazel. August 27, 1949-December 21, 2015.
    • Kinsley, Charlotte. Oral history interview transcript. 2005.
    • Krane, Paul. Obituary, article. 2010.
    • Kransey, Myron “Mike”. Obituary, n.d.
    • Krsnak, Henry. Campaign materials. 196?. [see also WillingboroTown materials, government, elections]
    • Legget, Ernestine. Article, 100th Birthday. 2004.
    • Langhorne, Crystal. Articles, basketball. 2006.
    • Levine, Richard A., Rabbi. Benediction sermon – Special Services School District Building. 10/14/1983.
    • Levitt, William J. Articles, obituary, photos. Various dates.
    • Lewis, Carl. Articles, photographs. Various dates. Signed Olympic Flag. c.a 1984? [see also people oversize].
    • Lewis, Carol. Articles, photographs. Various dates.
    • Lewis, Evelyn, Bill, & Mackie. Articles. 2008.
    • Liles, Rasheedah& Gregory, Naijah. Article, day care. 2005.
    • Lyght, Ernest. Article. 1975?
    • McHugh, John. Correspondence. 1969. Obituary, Burlington County Times, September 11, 2014.
    • McMeans, Donald. Article. 1979. [see also people oversize].
    • McWilliams, Michael. Civic Defense Adult Education Certificate. 12/19/1961.
    • Messy, Edwin W. M.D. Banquet Flyer. 9/9/2006.
    • Metzger, Henry. Newspaper clippings, campaign materials, ephemera. 1969-1973. [see also WillingboroTown materials, government, scrapbooks].   See Metzger Collection.
    • Morris, Bernard D. 12/31/98.
    • Morris, Lizzie Mae. Article. 2006. [see also people oversize].
    • Payne, Delbert. Obit, News article, funeral service. 2011.
    • Perez, Migdalia Rosa. Spanish American Club. 1974.
    • Rocco, Harry A. Retirement party program, article. 2007.
    • Sanders Family. Article, music. 2004.
    • Scotton, Rev. Danny. Article. 2003.
    • Skinker, Chanita. Article. 1/6/2007.
    • Smith, Robert. Oral history interview transcript. 2005.
    • Soren, Sanford. Article, suicide. 1972.
    • Stephenson, Paul. Obituary. 2009.
    • Stuart, J.Cresswell. Newspaper clippings, obituary. Various dates.
    • Townson, George. Article, aviation. 1988.
    • Utuk, Efiong S. Rev. Dr. Obituaries, 2006.
    • Van Sciver, Charles. 1923.
    • Van Sciver, Edwin and Richard. Photographs. n.d.
    • Walker, Maude S. 1887-1953. Missionary Union of Burlington County.
    • Ward, Calvin Edward. Articles, photos, graduation invitation. 1955-2012. Obituary and memorial service program. May 5, 2018.
    • Waters, Rev. James W. Obituary. 11/26/78.
    • Weiss, Eva. Articles, photographs. 1959, 1975.
    • Williams, Charles W. Framed picture. n.d.
    • Williams, Patricia Ann. n.d.
    • Wright Jr., Giles R. Obituaries, editorial. 2009.

    Willingboro People Oversize Box:

                -     Newspaper article about Louise Calloway

    • Newspaper article about Lizzie Morris. 2002.
    • Michael Susan Kendal print. “Mary Edmonia Lewis, Rome 186?, First Negro artist of the Western Continent” . Silkscreen edition 41/300.
    • Carl Lewis materials. 1996, etc.
    • Collage of newspaper clippings about Levitt, towns early residents.
    • MillcreekPark Veterans Memorial. Jimmie W. James. 2001.

    ?- Historical photographs including Levittown era of homes, aerial.

    • Ivins, William A, Jr. & Ivins, Vida B. (Worrell). Photos




    Willingboro Library Box 1:


    Annual Reports

    • Reports by the Board of Trustees. 1961-1982.
    • Annual Library Report. 2008.

    Board of Trustees

                -     Bylaws, Rules & Regulations. 3/10/99.   

    • Treasurer’s Reports. 1959-1963.
    • Meeting Minutes. 1960-1961.
    • Library Director Resumes. 1961.
    • Incident reports, correspondences. 1962, 1966.
    • Meeting minutes, 1962-1963.
    • Library director resumes. 1963.
    • Library director correspondence. 1963-1964.
    • Library director resumes. 1964.
    • Meeting minutes. 1964.
    • Treasurer’s Reports. 1964-1966.
    • Meeting minutes. 1965.
    • Treasurer’s Reports. 1965
    • Meeting minutes. 1966-1967.
    • Meeting minutes. 1968-1969.
    • Meeting minutes. 1970-1971.
    • Meeting minutes. 1972-1973.
    • Meeting minutes. 1988.
    • Correspondence. Various dates.
    • Resolutions. Various dates.

    Building Information

    • New Building (130) floor plan, specs, development info, correspondence. Ribbon   Cutting Ceremony, etc. 1998-2003.
    • Old Building (Salem Rd) Floor plans, specs, development info. Various dates.
    • American Institute of Architects Top Ten Green Project. Information from web site. 2007.


    • Library budget materials. 1961.
    • Insurance policies. 1961, 1963-1964.
    • Ledger including petty cash, fines, donations, book orders, etc. 1961-1979.
    • Library budget materials. 1962.
    • Monthly Report . 1962.
    • Fines (register, correspondence). 1963.
    • Budget materials. 1963-1965.
    • Insurance policies. 1964-1966.
    • Inventory summary. 1965.
    • Insurance policies. 1967-1969.
    • Policies and accession forms. 1968, 2002.
    • Insurance policies. 1970-1975.
    • Insurance policies. 1979-1985.
    • Library Budget materials. 1988-1989.
    • South Jersey Regional Library Co-op, New Jersey Dept. of Education-Library development Bureau. 1989.
    • Employee correspondence, calendar, handbook. Various dates, 2002, 2005.
    • Agreements, Insurance correspondence, miscellaneous. Various dates.
    • Savings books. Various dates.


    Willingboro Library Box 2:



    • Levittown Public Library Bookmark. Early 1960s.
    • Bookmarks for the 40th Anniversary celebration, 2005 Library Calendar. 200, 2005.
    • Postcards for 50th Anniversary Celebration. 2008.
    • Library Scrapbook. Former Director Maurice Goldman. 1968-1994? (CABINET)
    • Willingboro Public Library Scrapbook [ring binder, multiple copies] (CABINET)
    • Comment Book for 50th Anniversary Displays. 2008. (CABINET)


                -     50th Anniversary Events. 2008

    Friends of the Library

    • Building development briefing and facts sheet. 7/1996.
    • Meeting minutes, membership info. 1996-2008.
    • Garden Tour information. 2001-2002.
    • Town Forum information, Kitrell’s remarks. 2002-2003.
    • 50th Anniversary History. 2008.


    • First Library (Salem Road), Ephemera and correspondence. 1959-1961.
    • Proposed Library. Correspondence, pamphlets. 1961-65.
    • Proposed library renderings, Ballinger Company brochure. 1964.
    • History of the Willingboro Public Library, 1959-1971. 1971.
    • History of the Willingboro Public Library, 1959-1971. [ring binder, multiple copies](CABINET)
    • Correspondence about publications, chronology, short essays, history of NJ libraries, historical info. Various dates.
    • Early Days of Willingboro Public Library chronology, 1959-1968.n.d.
    • History of the Willingboro Public Library, 1959-1971. [ring binder, multiple copies] (CABINET)
    • Old library (Salem Rd.) Founding of library; correspondence, Levittown Civic Association Library Committee. 1959-1961.

    Library Association of Levittown

                -     Correspondence, constitution, forms, annual reports, etc. Various dates.


    • Library newsletter. 1961-1990. [with gaps].
    • Automation newsletter. 1997-1998.

    Newspaper Clippings [See also oversize].

    • Library Founding. 1959-1963.
    • Old Building. Municipal fire, etc. 1964-
    • Personnel. 1964-.
    • New Building development and opening. 1999-2004.

                -     50th Anniversary History. 2008.

    • Budget and grants. Various dates.
    • Library affairs and programs. Various dates.


    • Library Photo Album. (CABINET)

    Willingboro Library Oversize Box:

                -     Willingboro Library – Business – Inventory – Sarasohn& Co, East Orange NJ- no date – 1970s?

                -     Newspaper articles about New Library development, etc. 2003, etc.

    -     “A day in the Life of Willingboro” photo projects. 2005.[Map Case]

    • Alpha Kappa Alpha ceremonial check to the Library. 6/22/1997.


    Willingboro Library Photograph Box:

                -     Library photos. 1970s, 1980s?

                -     Library programs. 1990s.

                -     Library Meetings/ staff miscellaneous. 1990s.

                -     Staff miscellaneous. 2000s.

                -     Library programs. 2000s.

                -     Ribbon Cutting State Library Collection Development Grant. 1996.

                -     New Building. 2003.

    • Amphitheater Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, town center. 8/10/2003.
    • Photos of the New Library by EffiongUtuk. 1/10/2004.
    • Meet the 1958 Pioneers, 50th Anniversary Display Opening. 9/6/2008.
    • Willingboro Library Box 2: (Cont.)


    • 40th Anniversary Celebration
    • 50th Anniversary Exhibit Photos. 1 disc. 2008.
    • Willingboro Gala and Dinner Dance. 11/2011.

    Public Relations

    • Programs, event flyers. 1960-1965.
    • Press releases. 1963.
    • Programs, event flyers. 1985-1994.
    • Programs, event flyers. 1998-2001.
    • Programs, event flyers. 2002-2006.
    • Forms, guides, event calendars. Various dates.


    • Will, Grinton I. Feasibility Study of the Combination of Public and High School Library Services in Levittown, New Jersey. Yonkers, NY: 1963.
    • Artis, Gene P. A History of the Willingboro Public Library. Thesis, Glassboro, NJ: 1974. (CABINET also-4copies)
    • Roth, Harold L. Options for Meeting Physical Needs of Increased Library Service for Willingboro Public Library. Rothines Associates, Great Neck, NY: 1974-1975.
    • Goldman, Maurice S. Report of an Interlibrary Cooperation Project conducted by the Willingboro Public Library and the Willingboro Public Schools. Willingboro, NJ: 1975-1976.
    • Force, Stephen. The Willingboro Public Library Circulation System; Observations and Suggestions. 1977.


    Metzger Collection Box 1:


    Animal Control

    • Newspaper clippings. 1969.

    Burlington County Committee and Position Appointments by Freeholders

    • Newspaper clippings. 1974.

    Burlington County Office on Aging

                -     Newspaper clippings. n.d.

    Burlington County Times

                -     Miscellaneous letters to the editor. 1969.

    Campaign for WillingboroTownship Council, 1969

    • Bumper stickers.
    • Campaign brochures and flyers.
    • Permit to Agent or Challenger.

    Campaign for the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders

                -     Newspaper clippings.


    • Correspondence. 1969-1971.


    • Newspaper clippings. Various dates.
    • See also “Juvenile delinquency”.


                -See “Juvenile Delinquency”

    Development of the Kimble Tract

                -     Newspaper Clippings

    • Report of the Kimble Tract Study Committee. 196?.

    Drug Abuse

                -     Newspaper clippings. 1969.


    • The Little Gryphon, Kennedy High School, Letter to the Editor. 10/20/1972.
    • Miscellaneous school news. Newspaper clippings. n.d.
    • Willingboro PTA. Newspaper clippings. 1973.

    Event Programs and Invitations

    -     Burlington County Vocational Technical Commencement and Capping Exercises. 9/7/1973.

    -     Gryphon Football Boosters Reception Invitation, 6/22/1971.

    -     Kinsmen of Willingboro 3rd Annual Scholarship Dinner Dance, 6/25/1971.

    -     National Division Little League Awards Night. 10/16/1971.

                -     Synchronized Swim Show Program. 197?.

    -     Willingboro 5th Festival of Arts. Willingboro Plaza Merchants Association and the Willingboro Art Alliance. 1971. (2 Copies)

    -     Willingboro Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1 Installation Dinner Dance. 1/8/1972.

    -     Willingboro’s Business/Professional Man of the Year, sponsored by the Rotary Club. 1971. (2 Copies)


    • Nametags. N.d.

    Flood Relief Efforts

                -     Newspaper clippings. 1972.

    Government, General.

    • Information for Residents about Township Government. 1968.
    • New Egypt Press Cover
    • New Jersey Association of Chosen Freeholders

    Holidays and Celebrations

    • National Postal Service Day. Newspaper Clippings. 1971.
    • Newspaper clippings. Various dates

    Juvenile Delinquency

                -     Newspaper clippings. 1971-1973.

    Liquor License

    • Newspaper clipping. N.d.

    Little Paper, The

    • Front covers. 1972.

    Miscellaneous Items

                -     Newspaper clippings. Various dates.

    Miscellaneous Referenda

                -     School and Warehouse Vote. May 1969.


    • Democratic Party. Newspaper clippings. 196?.
    • Environmental Concern Organization. Newspaper Clippings. 197?
    • Jaycees. Event Programs, Clippings, Newsletters. 197?.
    • Kinsmen. Newspaper clippings. 1972.
    • The Producers’ Council, Inc., Philadelphia Chapter. Newspaper Clippings. N.d.
    • Republican Party. Flyers, Newspaper clippings. 1969-1971.
    • Sacred Heart Council. Event programs. 197?-1972.
    • Society for the Prevention of an Apartment Crowded Environment (SPACE). Fact Sheet #2. 1969.
    • Willingboro Art Alliance. Newspaper clippings. 197?.


                -     Newspaper clippings. Various dates.

    Police Department

    • Newspaper clippings. 1969.

    Political Campaigns and Elections, 1969 (Township Council, Board of Freeholders, Governor)

                -     Newspaper Ads.

    • Newspaper clippings. 1969.
    • News Releases (Unfair Campaign Practices).

    -     League of Women Voters fact sheet.

                -     Photocopy of Philadelphia Inquirer Article. 10/19/1969.

    • Sample Ballots

    Political Campaigns and Election, 1972 (Board of Freeholders, Presidential)

    • Burlington County Record Election ‘72
    • Newspaper clippings. 1972.

    Political Campaigns and Elections, 1979 (Township Council, Board of Freeholders, Assembly)

    • Flyers. 1979.
    • Newspaper advertisements. 1979.
    • Newspaper clippings. 1979.
    • Pamphlets. 1979

    Rat Control

                -     Newspaper clippings. 1969.


    • Newspaper clippings. Various dates.


    • Newspaper clippings. 1969-1970

    Salary Ordinance

                -     Newspaper clippings. 1969.


                -     Newspaper clippings. 1973-1975.

    Township Solicitor

    • Newspaper Clippings. Various dates.


    • Newspaper clippings. Various dates.


    • Newspaper clippings. 1972.

    Willingboro Committee and Position Appointments by Township Council

                -     Newspaper clippings. 1969-1970.

    Willingboro Plaza

                -     Newspaper clippings. n.d.

    Willingboro Township Housing

    • Newspaper clippings, 1969.

    Willingboro Township Reorganization

                -     Newspaper clippings. 1969-1970.

    Willingboro Zoning Board of Adjustments

                -     Newspaper Clippings. 1969.



    -     John F. Kennedy High School football games against regional schools. 11 film                  canisters. 1979-1980.

    Audio-Visual Box #1 (CABINET)

    -     Study ofSexism: Junior and Senior High School Textbooks. 1 box slides, 1 audio tape. Materials accompanying a study conducted in Willingboro. (See also Publications). 1977.

    -     Sydney Bookbinder. Oral history commentary, Willingboro Historical Society. 2 audio tapes. 3/2/1981.

    • J. Cresswell Stuart. Oral history commentary. 2 audio tapes. 5/23/1985.
    • Interview with former library director Maury Goldman and former mayor Paul Krane. Mid 1990s.

    -      Willingboro Township Memorial Parade and 4th of July Parade. 2 VHS


         -      Inauguration of Willis. 1 VHS tape. 1/11/1998.

    • Dedication of Monument in Willingboro. 1 VHS tape. 9/12/2000.
    • Libraries a Feature. From CN8 “Money Matters”. 1 VHS tape. 4/19/2004.
    • Comcast Presentation on 50th Anniversary Banquet and old Willingboro Plaza. 1 DVD. 2008.
    • Veteran’s Viewpoint. G Bussey, R. Yancey, M. Knox and J. Thompson. Oral history commentary. 1 VHS tape. n.d.
    • Willingboro Township Memorial Day Parade. Channel 30 Newsmakers, It’s Your Call, Bulletin Board. 1 VHS tape. n.d.
    • J. Cresswell Stuart. Willingboro history/ development of Willingboro. . 1 VHS tape. n.d. Accompanied by narration on 1 audio tape. n.d.

    The following tape includes video transferred from 16mm tapes recorded in Willingboro from the mid-50s to around 1964. It includes footage of rural Willingboro, demolition of historic homes, the development of Somerset Park, opening day of Levittown, pictures of William Levitt, grand opening for Willingboro Plaza, 1960 campaign stop by John F. Kennedy, Levittown 5th Anniversary parade and the burning down of the former Willingboro Municipal Building. Audio only, no sound.

        The accompanying cassette tape is commentary recorded by J. Cresswell Stuart in the mid-90s.

    Audio-Visual Box #2 CABINET)

    Memories of Willingboro. Oral history of Willingboro residents. Face-to-face interviews of “long-term residents” (who have lived in Willingboro 15+ years) conducted by Efiong S. Utuk and Willingboro High School Students. 2005. Audio tapes and camcorder videos.


    Ayres, Dr. James


    Barrett, Chauncey


    Buckwald, Patricia


    Bush, John and Marian


    Byrd, Jim


    Campbell, Jr., Eddie


    Celani, John


    Dunbar, Margaret (Virginia)


    Dunn, Mrs


    Erving, Margaret


    Fieldler, William


    Flynn, Mary Ellen


    Friedman, Sally


    Friedman, Victor


    Garfields, The


    George, Freddie


    Guthrie, Dan


    Hackett, Martie


    Hall, Mr. and Mrs.


    Audio-Visual Box   #3 (CABINET)

    Memories of Willingboro. Oral history of Willingboro residents. Face-to-face interviews of “long-term residents” (who have lived in Willingboro 15+ years) conducted by Efiong S. Utuk and Willingboro High School Students. 2005. Audio tapes and camcorder videos.

    Hammond, Ida

    Hartman, Jack


    House, Robert


    James, W. R.


    Jennings, Jackie


    Kashmer, Bernard


    Kendall, Harry


    Kinsley, Charlotte


    Mallard, Lisa


    McGrath, Bill


    McSweeney, Doris


    Morris, Lizzie


    Pickens or Pickus, Adell


    Salter, Charles


    Schramm, Eric


    Server or Somer, Betty


    Smith or Schmidt, Robert


    Storer, Carolyn


    Audio-Visual Box   #4 (CABINET)

    Memories of Willingboro. Oral history of Willingboro residents. Face-to-face interviews of “long-term residents” (who have lived in Willingboro 15+ years) conducted by Efiong S. Utuk and Willingboro High School Students. 2005. Audio tapes and camcorder videos.

    Ward, Eduardo


    Wilson, Emma


    Zarkos, Jenn and Clyde


    Audio-Visual Box #5     (CABINET)




    1. Cresswell StuartWillingboro in Transition 1953-1960 - Tapes 1 and 2 –Willingboro Historical Society Oral History Project– March 31, 1983. original. Poor quality
    2. Cresswell Stuart – Tapes 1 & 2. Duplicates. Oral History Commission – March 23, 1985
    3. Cresswell Stuart – “Cress Stuart” – one audiotape – July 30, 1991
    4. Sydney Bookbinder – Tapes 1 & 2. Duplicates. - Willingboro Historical Society Oral History Project – March 2, 1981


    1. Freedom’s Dawn. Photographs of Play. CD


    1. Jack McHugh talk at Rotary Club dinner? DVD

    VHS Tapes:

    1. Jack Mc Hugh. VHS. No date.
    2. Levittown: VHS. Starts with Modern Day Harvesting.
    3. Willingboro: The Early Days. VHS. Made from 16mm movie. Silent. Starts with rides in Rancocas Village.
    4. Willingboro Before During and After Levitt. VHS. J. Cresswell Stuart. 1994
    5. Cresswell Stuart. Interview. January 28, 1997(or 1987). VHS .Unedited.

    Microfilm Box 1 (CABINET)


           -     Willingboro Township Meeting Minute Books. 1 roll.1809-1859.

           -     Mt. Holly Herald. 1 roll.1/2/1954-6/24/1954.

           -     Mt. Holly Herald. 1 roll. 9/1958-12/1958.

           -     Levittown Life. Levittown, New Jersey.2 identical rolls. [use service                                   copy] 11/30/1960-11/22/1962.

                -     Willingboro Township Meeting Minute Books. 1 roll. 1969-1973.


    Microfilm Box 2 (CABINET)


                -     Willingboro World. 11/29/1962-2/20/1964.

                Levittown Life. Levittown, New Jersey. 2/27/1964-3/5/1964.

                Willingboro Weekly,Levittown, New Jersey. 3/4/1964. 1 roll.

                -     Willingboro Weekly,Levittown, New Jersey. 3/11/1964-6/2/1965. 1 roll.

                -     Willingboro Weekly,Levittown, New Jersey. 6/9/1965-3/30/1966.

                Willingboro Suburban. 4/6/1966-11/23/1966.1 roll.

                -     Willingboro Suburban. Levittown, New Jersey. 11/30/1966-8/30/1967.

                       Journal. 9/12/1967-11/23/1967. 1 roll.

                Willingboro Suburban. Levittown, New Jersey. 12/7/1967-6/13/1968.

                - Tax Assessment Map, Willingboro Township. 1 roll. n.d.






         -     Shin Farmhouse Painting by Betty Rhoades. 1957. (WALL)

    • Willingboro Little League Senior Champions. State Championship. 1964.
    • Township of Willingboro to Willingboro Emergency Squad for heroic effective emergency services. 10/30/1973.
    • Willingboro Library Board of Trustees Resolution Honoring Lenore Isackson. 1975. (VERTICAL CASE)
    • Burlington County High School, Certificate of Appreciation. Presented to the  

          Willingboro Public Library, Maurice Goldman – John Derr.1976-1977.

    • Willingboro Emergency Squad for Exemplary Service to the Community. 1978.
    • Mayor’s Award to Willingboro Emergency Squad. 1980.
    • The Summer Excellence Award presented to the Willingboro Public Library, Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders. 1984.
    • Rancocas Hospital salutes Willingboro Emergency Squad for 30 years of Community Service. 1960-1990.
    • In Memory of Charles W. Williams. 1991.
    • Willingboro Fire Department to Willingboro Emergency Squad. August 1, 1992.
    • Willingboro Township Council and Township Officials rededicate

               Willingboro Station 169 in commemoration of station refurbishing. August 1992

    • Willingboro Emergency Squad dedicates 1991 Ambulance. August 1992
    • Willingboro Emergency Squad dedicates 1987 Rescue Truck. August 1992.
    • Painting “The Birth of a Black Man’s Dream”, by Lady Bird. 1993.
    • Mayor’s Award to Willingboro Emergency Squad for Exemplary Service. 1995

    -     Willingboro Emergency Squad Expresses its Appreciation to the Town Council and Township Officials. Jan. 13, 1996.

    -     Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions honors the work of Willingboro Environmental Commissions Project. Oct. 25, 1996.

    • Burlington County Times, Burlington County’s Best. Willingboro, the finest community in Burlington County. 1996.
    • Burlington County Times, Burlington County’s Best. Mill Creek Park, Willingboro, the finest local park in Burlington County. 1996. (2 plaques)
    • Willingboro Emergency Squad Expresses its Appreciation to the Town Council and Township Officials. Jan. 11, 1997.
    • Willingboro Board of Fire Commissioners to Willingboro Township Council. Sept. 27, 1997.
    • Willingboro Emergency Squad Expresses its Appreciation to the Town Council and Township Officials. Jan. 31, 1998.
    • Willingboro Youth Achievement Committee honors the memory of Doreatha D. Campbell. Dec. 6, 1998.
    • Presented to Willingboro Township in recognition of services to Willingboro American Legion Post #516. 1998.
    • Gravel Ridge, Arkansas Fire Department thanks Willingboro Township. Nov. 1999.
    • New Jersey Chapter of the American Planning Association. Public Education Award, Burlington County. 1999.
    • Large untitled painting by Richmond Otolin Garrick, 2000.
    • Willingboro Women’s Club. Framed picture, tree planting ceremony, Millcreek Park, 2000.
    • In Appreciation of the Township of Willingboro, American Cancer Society. June 2000.
    • New Jersey General Assembly Resolution, commending Willingboro Public Library. Oct. 14, 2000.
    • The Regional Planning Partnership, Willingboro Plaza Redevelopment Project. 2001. (VERTICAL CASE)

    -     Framed picture documenting New Library construction. c.a. 2002.

    -     Levittown Memorial VFW Post 4914 awarded to The Willingboro EMT’s.

         May 12, 2012.

    • Burlington County Institute of Technology, Appreciation Award, Willingboro Public Library. n.d.
    • The American Legion Certificate of Appreciation. Presented to Willingboro Township, Willingboro memorial Post # 516. n.d.
    • Friends of the Library $10,000 donation commemorative picture. n.d.

    -     Freehand cross-stitch by Joyce Goldman, Willingboro Township, New Jersey. n.d.


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