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Meet the 1958 Pioneers

levittmountedit2.jpgCelebrate 50 Years of Levittown in Willingboro! 

Meet some of the first Levittown, NJ residents who moved to Willingboro fifty years ago in 1958 at the Willingboro Public Library. On Sat., Sept. 6 at 2 p.m. Original residents will be present to talk informally to the public about their experiences, at the opening of a historical exhibit about the early years of Levittown. This free program is open to the public and requires no registration. Refreshments will be served. The exhibit will continue through Sept. 28.  Photo shows William J. Levitt greeting the first residents, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mount.


"I watched Willingboro grow through the years," says Doris McSweeney, one of the pioneers who will attend. "The shopping center was just an empty field when we moved in.  There was a movie across the street that my children enjoyed going to on Saturday.  Also there was a bowling alley that they liked in the Plaza.  It was fun to take the children to the Plaza just to walk around and window shop in all the different stores. They also liked the water fountain. I worked for a time in the toy store and then in Sears for seven years.  What a great place to live! I love my house and my neighbors. They are the best and I hope and pray that I can stay until they carry me out feet first."

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