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Friday 07 January 2022, 06:00pm - 09:00pm
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Our continuing homebrew campaign to be held online on Discord!

"The party investigates the Town Hall of Millwick, finding the tax chest and guarding it themselves for protection against theft. Following a set of the unusual tracks to the old Mill, they enter only to trigger an explosion, destroying the Mill and wounding members of the party. Finding a secret basement below, they enter into yet another series of traps - electrified ladders, exploding automatons, floors laced with accelerant, and a trap designed to dissolve metals and cause the whole subterranean chamber to collapse. Escaping with the knowledge that it is likely other automatons which are performing the thefts, and that whoever built them went to great lengths to not be discovered, the party is left now to discover the culprit behind it all."

This event is currently at capacity - stay tuned for available spots! You may RSVP to show interest if a space should become available!
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