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Friday 03 December 2021, 06:00pm - 08:00pm
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Our continuing homebrew Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign to be held online on Discord! This is a legacy game from an older Meetup group.

"The party arrives at the town of Millwick to collect their bounty payment for having slain the dreaded Catoblepas. However, despite the cheery festival air of the town, things are not going well for the farming community. Experiencing a rash of burglaries, the town is unable to pay the adventurers the bounty they are entitled to and, to make matters worse, they have no money to pay their taxes. If taxes are not paid. it can result in the forced military conscription of most of the town's young people, destroying it's livelihood as well as many families. With the hopes of aiding the town and securing their bounty money, the party sets off to solve the mystery behind the robberies plaguing Millwick!"

This campaign is currently at capacity - you may RSVP or contact me directly to show interest in joining and I will put you on a wait-list!
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