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Friday 22 October 2021, 06:00pm - 08:00pm
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Our continuing homebrew campaign to be held online on Discord!

"The party surfaces from the depths of the church to see a large burst of energy cascading into the air from the church like a bright, blue signal flare. Confronted by the worm who had taken over the Constable during the market square battle, the creature informs them that destruction is coming. The Black Empire apparently targets Mosswood for destruction upon sensing the release of extreme magical energies, the Skyflame weapon striking the town. However, utilizing the minds of both Jensen and Bishop Halcyon, the Worm That Walks manipulated the beam into striking the church, creating a cascade reaction as the unique energies interacted with the Boccobite metal. Forced to flee the town center as it enters meltdown, the party encourages as many villagers as they can to flee, rescuing some children along the way. As they make their way through the scorching heat and poisonous fume of the event, several nearly succumb, and some children were unfortunately lost. Escaping just in time to be outside the radius of the explosion as the church loses molecular cohesion, the town of Mosswood and much of the surrounding forests are utterly annihilated in a plume of magical fire. To make matters worse, a squad of Black Empire Seekers and their Humbled mages intercept the fleeing survivors of Mosswood, cutting them down and leaving no witnesses. Getting their feet under them, the party flees the scene, sending Reyna to accompany the surviving orphans to the safer location of her hometown. The party, burnt and battered, is no left wondering how safe they truly are and what to do next. So ends the "In the Shadows of the Empire" campaign arc."

This event is currently at capacity - stay tuned for available spots! You may RSVP to show interest if a space should become available!
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