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Willingboro Public Library
 The library is pleased to offer free access to the Internet, a global electronic network which provides dynamic information resources.  The Internet is provided to supplement sources found here in the library.  Our librarians can always help you determine whether the most appropriate source to find the specific information you need is a book, e-book, periodical, or the Internet.

 Please follow the procedures listed below to insure availability for all:

  • Internet access is available during the Library's regular hours of operation.
  • Twenty-two dedicated computers are currently provided for 30-minute Internet sessions.  Fourteen are in the reference section; four in the young adult room; four in the children’s room. 
  • To use the Internet, you must use the PC Reservation System near the Reference Desk for the adult and YA computers; near the Children’s Desk for the children’s computers.
  • A Willingboro Public Library card number is required to use the internet. Adults not eligible for free borrowers’ cards may obtain a free web-only card. Children not eligible for free borrowers’ cards may obtain web-only cards with the permission of a parent or guardian.
  • Library staff will not look up the card number for persons without picture ID.
  • Adults from out of the area may present identification with an address to obtain one 30-minute session per day. Unaccompanied young people under 18 from out of the area are not given this privilege since we do not have the consent of their parent or guardian.
  • Adults must accompany any children under 8 in using a library computer. Children’s room computers are reserved for children, or adults supervising children, after 2 p.m.
  • You are permitted to sign up for one 30-minute session at a time.  If no others are waiting, your session may be extended. If you require more time, please speak to someone at the Reference Desk.
  • Installation of your own software on any library computer is not permitted. 
  • Any downloads or files saved to the hard drives of our PCs will be deleted when the PCs shut down. We recommend that you save your work by sending it to your e-mail or saving it on a USB drive, which may be purchased at the circulation desk.
  •  If you wish to print, you must pay $1 per sheet for color printing or $.25 per sheet for black and white printing. Be sure to do a print preview before printing. No refunds will be given for printed pages. The print job will be released when payment is made at the cash register at the Circulation Desk. 
  •  Remember though we use a virus checker on the Internet access computers, no computer is immune from viruses. You should be aware that there is the possibility that files downloaded may contain a virus. 
  • Library staff will get you started with basic instruction but cannot offer extensive individual training. Classes are offered regularly in the Computer Center.  Please check the monthly schedule. 
  •  The library reserves the right to terminate a session if inappropriate use of the computer occurs. 

Revised 12/15

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