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booksThe Friends of the Willingboro Public Library meet quarterly. Please call the Reference Desk to find out when the next meeting will be. .

Thank You, Friends!

flatscreen2In 2014, the Friends contribuited towards the cost of decorative acoustic panels in the cafe. In 2013, the Friends of the Library donated a stand for one of the flat screen display televisions we received from the University of Pennsylvania.In 2012 the Friends donated six Kindle Touches to the library. They also contributed to the purchase of two early learning computers for the children's room. In 2011 the Friends donated two new signs to publicize library activities: a rolling sidewalk sign and an enclosed signboard at the rear of the building. The Friends of the Library donated two LED signs to publicize library services and events in 2009 and a rug for the foyer in 2010. They also subsidized 2009 events such as community outreach, National Library Week, Summer Reading Club and the Family Fun Festival. In 2008 the Friends donated two benches, for your resting pleasure, that sit at intervals in the arcade leading from the parking lot to the front door of the library. In years past, the Friends have given the library a piano, an LED projector, a podium and sound system, benches in the exhibit room and an electric mobility cart, as well as the donor board in the lobby. We thank the Friends for their continued generosity.

Friends Mission and Vision Statements

The vision of the Friends of the Willingboro Public Library is:

A community where everyone enjoys, uses, and supports the Willingboro Public Library. 


The mission of the Friends of the Willingboro Public Library is:

  • To promote the continued existence and effectiveness of the Willingboro Public Library to the community.
  • To promote the Library as a vital informational, cultural, educational, and recreational asset to the Township.
  • To assist the Library with volunteer services when needed.
  • To raise funds when possible to supplement special items that are not provided by the Library budget.

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