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Directions on Beverly-Rancocas Rd

Directions from Route 295 to Route 130 North via Beverly-Rancocas Road (Library is about 15 minutes from Route 295 Exit 45B/Willingboro Exit):

2a. Pass 1st light at Springside Rd. (see Lukoil & Commerce Bank)

2b. Pass 2nd light at Bridge St. (see ABCO credit union on left)

2c. Pass 3rd light at Garfield Dr. (see McDonalds and Fire Dept.)

2d. Pass 4th light at Twin Hills Dr. (see left turn only )

2e. Pass 5th light at JFKennedy Way. (see Sunoco and Riggins)

2f. Pass 6th light at Country Club Rd. (see left turn only)

2g. Pass 7th light at Salem Rd. (see 7-11 convenience store)

2h. Pass 8th light at Country Club Plaza/Way (see Produce Junction mall on left)

2i. Pass 9th light at Rockland Dr. (see right turn only)

2j. 10th light is Route 130. Turn right onto Route 130 North. (see Arby's on left)

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